2 twiddle & think & come up with NOTHING!

First... this was nothing.
Now... it's blooming.
It's becoming more and more...
Though it's still nothing...
A little.
Plain crazy?
Oh, yeah.
Are you still in on the ride?


2. What really matters



Hi, sweetheart.

Shut up, Jay. I hate you when you're like this.

How would you describe me?

Do you want me to be honest?



No way.

I am serious.

You really bite.

Get your ass moving, Jay.

Then move along.

I meant like, outside this room.

No one is home.

The less the merrier.

You don't want me here.


Then why did you call me?

It was a moment of insanity. I apologize. Now, can you leave?

You're serious.

No. I am totally joking.

What happened to you?

I fell and stumbled. I met you. Nothing more, nothing less.

No, I mean, after.


You're giving me the creeps.

And you're supposed to be my boyfriend.

You're supposed to be my girlfriend.

Yeah, and that's why I can ask you to leave but you can never, ever ask me to do that.

God, you're insane.

And you're not supposed to say all these things.

Are you seriously ok? If my brain is still intact and if I remember correctly, we used to call each other names.

That was like only the first two dates.


Yeah. That was why we stopped.

Why isn't anyone home, Leel-D?

They couldn't contain my sour body.



Come 'ere.

Leave me alone, Jay.


Why are you always like this? Can't you just ignore me?

Not ever.

I hate this, Jay.

I know, Leel-D.

I really hate this, Jay.

I know.



Thank you, Jay.

My t-shirt-pleasure.

That's not funny.

I got you smiling, Leel-D. And that's what matters. That's what really matters.


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