2 twiddle & think & come up with NOTHING!

First... this was nothing.
Now... it's blooming.
It's becoming more and more...
Though it's still nothing...
A little.
Plain crazy?
Oh, yeah.
Are you still in on the ride?


3. This or that way?


Excuse me? Hello?

Oh. Hi. Can I help you?

Which way is the nurse's room?

Which nurse are you refering to?

Uhm. Uh. Just a nurse. You know. A regular nurse.

We don't have regular nurses here.

What kind of nurses do you have?

We run normal nurses, though no regular ones. Which one do you want?

Eh, a normal one. I think?

Is that a question or an answer?

Eh, a question?

Excuse me, little sir. But we run serious business here and I am quite busy.

Uhm, sorry. Could you show me the nurse's room?

Which nurse are you refering to?

Just a normal nurse.

You can go that way and find a normal nurse and you can go this way and find another one.

So, I would be finding a normal nurse if I went both ways?

I am a nurse too, so you would be finding nurses everywhere.


What does that stare mean?

Are you a normal nurse, Miss?

It's Mrs. and no. I am no normal nurse.

What are you then? A nurse with a topping?

Not quite, little sir. I am the topping, if you please.

You're not quite normal.

No, I am not, little sir. I am pretty unusual.


So, which way do you prefer? This or that way?

Make it two with extra sugar, thank you.   

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