2 twiddle & think & come up with NOTHING!

First... this was nothing.
Now... it's blooming.
It's becoming more and more...
Though it's still nothing...
A little.
Plain crazy?
Oh, yeah.
Are you still in on the ride?


5. There is a catch


But... You have to know that there is a catch.

A catch?

Yes. A catch.

What is it then? Spit it out! Come on.

It is a secret.

No way.

It is a secret.

Can't you please tell me? I won't tell anyone.

But I cannot. I swore. I promised. And it is heavy on my shoulders.

Can't you give me a hint?

No. It is a holy promise. If I tell you I would vanish.

Ok. I understand. So, you will let me borrow your car only if...

I am not going to tell.

Come on. If I am going to borrow your car you have to tell me...

I cannot. And I am not sorry.

No way to go, man! Is it fuel we're talking about?

I am not ...

Is it hooking up then?

You are too bold in my precense.

Oh, come on, man. You shouldn't blush at the mention of women. They're...

Excuse me, sir. If you do not hold your tongue I might break this agreement.

No, no, no! Ok. I'm goin' to shut up. Happy?

It is not my place to say, sir.

What's the catch.

The catch is... No! I am not going to tell.


No. It is a secret.

Are you afraid of me mashing it up?

I will not tell.

Come on. Is it me?

You will never make me tell.

Is it... is it ... oh! You want me to return it before midnight!


Then before ten o'clock p.m.?


You want me to paint it for you?


What's the catch?

The catch is that you do not... Hey! You are doing this nonsense on purpose!

Well. Everything to get you talking is good.

I want you to stop doing this utter ...

Oh, come on, Wal! I've found a really sweet girl for you. She is blond and has blue eyes and her name is...

You will shut up right this instance.

Get a grip, man. I am only talkin'.

You will not make me say a word.

What don't you want me to do?

I do not want you to talk.

Is that it?

Is that what?

The catch?

The catch? What? No! It is not.

Then what is it then?

You are driving me insane.

So are you! You're as old as me, but you're talking as if we're in the 19th century!

It is not your place to corre-

Blah, blah, blah! Can't you just tell me? My date is waiting and you're only talking on and on and on.

I will not.

I will make you.


I'll tell mom that you won't tell me.



You will do no such thing.

Then tell me for Heaven's sake!


Come on!

It is -

Shit, Wal! Open your mouth and talk! Diane is waiting for me!

Do not take Diane home.


Do not take her home.

Is that the catch?


Why? You're not even-

Do not take-

I understand. Ok. OK!

So... you will not take her home?

No way! If she meets you I'll be sure to be dumped.


Yes. Dumped! D-U-M-P-E-D!


Because you're crazy! You're all crazy! Give me the keys!

The keys?

Yes, the freaking keys! Where are they?

I don't have them.


I do not have them.

Where are they?

They are gone.




I do not know.

Freaking, freaking crazy!


Leave me alone.

The keys-

Just shut up.

- are in the wardrobe. Your wardrobe.

But he was already gone.   




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