2 twiddle & think & come up with NOTHING!

First... this was nothing.
Now... it's blooming.
It's becoming more and more...
Though it's still nothing...
A little.
Plain crazy?
Oh, yeah.
Are you still in on the ride?


4. Is & no yes


Is that blood?

No. That's wine.

Is that wine?

No. That's my ass burning.

Is your ass white?

No. It's green.

Did you puke on it?

No. I picked my nose on it.

Did it hurt?

No. It sure as hell didn't.

Is hell a place?

No. It's a trash can.

Is that a place?

No. That's your brother's room.

Is Tommy's room big?

No. It's enormous.

Is that big?

No. That's pretty small.

Is small that much?

No. It's this much.

Is that much?

No. That's much less.

Is that less?

No. That's a ruined tablecloth.

Does that exist?

No. It dies right away.

Can it fly?

No. It can only walk.

Can it walk a mile?

No. It can only run per hour.

Is it in a car?

No. It's outside.

Is that round?

No. That's only how it sounds.

Is it loud?

No. It's pretty damn quiet.

Does it have a mouth?

No. It has two ears.

Are they big?

No. They don't exist.

Are we there yet?

No. We're still on the road.

Does it take long?

No. It only takes an hour.

Is that blood?

No. That's my damn body.


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