2 twiddle & think & come up with NOTHING!

First... this was nothing.
Now... it's blooming.
It's becoming more and more...
Though it's still nothing...
A little.
Plain crazy?
Oh, yeah.
Are you still in on the ride?


1. Get a move on



It's a cloud of nothingness.

So please move over.

I can't see a single thing and - you're like standing there with your butt and oh-so-dazzling body making me sick and irritated.

So - I would really want you to move away!

Do you know that I have this massive something in my throat? It's like - yes, bile. And it's here because of you.

Still not moving away? Want me to find some colourful insult to get your petty ass moving?

Ok, I'll start. Though, what I am going to tell you isn't an insult. It's a real life story. And it happened yesterday.


What is it you call your now-boyfriend? He made a move on me.


It was Maurice. He was called Maurice.

He told me that, when he was pushing me against the wall.

It was an innocent cuddle seen in your eyes. We only kissed and massaged each other's butts.

Oh my God.

Is that a sneer? Did I get a reaction from you? Then just wait until I continue!

Can you see this?


Hey, Mira!

Want to Xchange lips today?

Maurice XXX

PS: Ur ass is hut!!!


He sent me this text message this morning? Isn't he the nicest boy in town?

D'ya want t' see what I wrote back?

So naughty, awesome-boy!

Luv to see ya!

Mirelle XXX

PS: Am nutz about ur ass & six-pack!!!


What did you just say?

Isn't he your boyfriend anymore?

No way.

I mean, really.

No way!

This is SO awesome! Do you want me to die of laughter? And you're crying!

Oh my God, I got you moving your ass!

So cool!

This is so nuts!

So entirely nuts!

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