The Queen's Demise.

Entry for the Fantasy competiton.

Helana, Daughter of Garon, is Queen of the LowLands; a small queendom with the power of a kingdom. The trouble is, she's challenged by kings from other lands who threaten her throne, although they are always unsuccessful... Until Serah, King of the SeaLands, comes along.
Will Helana managed to keep her queendom in her grasp?

NOTE: About the terrible formatting... I hope it doesn't affect my chances in the fantasy competition... But read the below..


1. The King.



Young Helana was eleven years old when her father, King of the LowLands, fell fatally ill. They never understood what was wrong with him, but after he had started coughing up blood, Helana wasn't to see him until he either got better or was buried eight dragon-claws beneath the earth. She was to spend her days with the other children, most of which were boys, which meant that she was taught how to fight with a sword and how to ride a horse or dragon.

She was trained in a clearing in the darkest woods that surrounded the LowLands, just on the border of the UpLands, which supplied them with dragons and food and shelter. It was all illegal to do that, but Helana didn't know that. Her teacher, Ferah, knew this, but she kept it a secret from Helana and the other children, for they would have probably told the other adults, and the consequences would have been fatal. 

There were seven children training on the yellowing grass of the clearing; Helana, Balzar, Juliett, Thork, Piskie and Hanna. Out of the seven children, six of them were at least half Elf, apart from Helana. She was the only full human child, and she wasn't sure how she was supposed to feel about it. The Elvish children were stronger than she was, they were faster than she was... The one thing they couldn't match was her skill to fly a dragon. 

Helana's favourite dragon was a youngling called Hella, who's lack in size was all but made up for in her ability to breathe green fire at her enemies. The green of her fire contrasted but somehow complimented the golden glow of her scales, which made her an extraordinary dragon, and very valuable to the princess. The elves all had dragons as well, apart from Piskie, who preferred to ride on horseback, as she found dragons slightly unreliable. 

Helana trained for a year and a half before they deemed her ready for any challenge that awaited her. Almost as if he was waiting to see if Helena succeeded in her training, her father died a day later. 

The last words her father said to her were 'Be a strong queen, like your mother.'

She vowed to herself that she would live according to those words.

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