A broken hearted girl

It's a story about a girl, who is on her first vacation ever, with her boyfriend and his mom. All of the sudden her boyfriend and her gets in to a huge argument, and she gets kicked out of the hotel room, and now don't know where to stay at night. She is sitting all by herself, when Louis from One Direction comes up to her, and asks her what's wrong. Louis and her quickly become friends, and Louis offers her to sleep at his place, until she can get on a plane home to Denmark.. :-)


6. Knock, Knock!


A few months later…

Julies P.O.V.

Once again you woke up in Louis’ arms. It was 8 am; you don’t normally wake up this early by yourself. Then you hear someone knocking on the door, and realize that, the knocking must have been the thing that woke you up. You felt awkward answering Louis’ door, so you woke him up, and told him that someone was knocking. He got out of bed, and both of you, went to answer the door together. Louis’ P.O.V.

It was like 8 am. Who would be knocking on doors at this time? It must be really important. The only thing I really wanted to do was to lie in bed with my beautiful girl in my arms, and enjoy life. Well, that could wait for just a second. I slowly opened the door, and looked who it was. I was shocked! Outside the door was Eleanor. She seemed as if she had dropped her jaw when she saw Julie. Then she looked at me again. “Can I speak with you?” she asked and then stared at Julie “…Alone!” she continued. I looked at Julie, who was just as surprised as I was. “Yeah, sure. I’ll go make some coffee” she replied and walked back into the kitchen. I went outside the door, and closed it behind me. “How dare you bring that girl to OUR place!? Louis, I thought this was just a miner argument? What happened to us? And who is she?!” Eleanor almost yelled at me. I was stoned. “Eleanor… First of all, it’s not our place, it’s mine. Second of all, it’s been done between the two of us for a long amount of time, so don’t hate Julie, for being here.” I said calmly, still way too tired and confused to answer correctly. “But who is she? Just some girl to replace me or what?” Eleanor asked. It really pissed me off, that she talked about like if she was nothing. She’s my everything! “Eleanor, stop… Just stop! Julie is my girlfriend, and I love her more than anything! Making her feel awful, doesn’t make, what you did, right! It’s over, and I’m with her. Just get over it…” I said, and walked in to find Julie lying in bed crying. “Love, what’s wrong?” I hated to see her like this.


Julies P.O.V.

You just lay in bed, crying your heart out. Then Louis came in to see if you were ok. You began to cry even harder. “Love, what’s wrong?” he asked and looked like he was about to cry. “It’s just…” you tried to answer him, but the words got stuck. You couldn’t say it, just the thought of it made you cry. “You’re going back to her, aren’t you?” you cried again, but this time, you could feel the tears filling your eyes faster than you could cry them out. Then Louis started to cry. You’d seen him cry before, but you could hear that he was crying his heart out this time. “Julie, love! I’m never going back to her. Never!” he cried even harder. “My place in life, is by your side. Don’t ever tell me to let go of that joy, of being a part of your life!” then he looked down “Just being around you makes my life so much better. Your smile, your laughter, your eyes. I’m sure those things could cure cancer! You are my princess, my angel sent from above!” You began to cry again, but this time it was tears of joy. You loved Louis more than anything in the world. All if the sudden Louis got out of bed, and opened his underwear drawer. He took something, and then sat on the bed again. “Babe, I know that it’s only been a few months since we first met. But you are the love of my life. You’ve gone through so much to be here, and I want to promise to you, that it was worth all this trouble…” he stands up, and slowly pull open a small box. Then he goes down on one knee. “Love? Will you please marry me?” …






… To be continued! <3 

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