A broken hearted girl

It's a story about a girl, who is on her first vacation ever, with her boyfriend and his mom. All of the sudden her boyfriend and her gets in to a huge argument, and she gets kicked out of the hotel room, and now don't know where to stay at night. She is sitting all by herself, when Louis from One Direction comes up to her, and asks her what's wrong. Louis and her quickly become friends, and Louis offers her to sleep at his place, until she can get on a plane home to Denmark.. :-)


1. A broken hearted girl <3


There you were, sitting on a bench in the middle of London – all by yourself. It was your first time in London and you’d only been here for a few days. You’d gotten here with your boyfriend and his mom and you were here on a short vacation. You and your boyfriend had been together for about two years, and on the outside you seemed like a happy couple, but it wasn’t always like that. This morning you got into a huge fight, and he had kicked you out of the hotel room. Now you were sitting here, all by yourself with all of your bags. You just wanted to go home. You had called the airport to book a plane, but all planes to Denmark were fully booked. The next plane available was in two weeks, but you had no place to stay until then. You started bursting into tears. You didn’t know what to do, when all of the sudden, you feel a hand on your back. You didn’t look up; you didn’t want anyone to see you like this. “Hi love. What’s wrong, why are you crying?” a familiar voice suddenly asked. You looked up and saw Louis from One Direction sitting right next to you, with his hand on your back, trying to comfort you. You told him what had happened, and started to cry again. “Ohh love, I’m so sorry. Well, you’re definitely not going to sleep on the street! You can stay at my place - in the guestroom” then he smiled. “Come on!” he said, and took your bags. You walked to his car, and he drove you home to his place. It was beautiful there! As soon as you got there, he carried your bags into a room. You both sat down on the couch in the living room, and started talking again; he was really easy to talk to. He asked a lot of question about you, and you (of course) answered all of them. Then suddenly your phone started bursting out Gotta Be You It was your mom calling, but you didn’t take it. Louis started giggling. “Are you a directioner?” he asked. You started blushing, you truly were. You didn’t know what to say, so you just nodded. 

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