This is collection of few articles telling my experience while travelling in Bangalore buses. It is based on my personal views and my travel through Bangalore in buses. It is a depiction of bus journey


4. Stamp storm


One big hazard one encounters while travelling in buses is to protect from others feet attack. If you are in a crowded bus, the odds against your safe feet are very high. Everyone is in such a hurry to get in, grab a seat that they don’t realize that below their sandals and shoes are somebody else’s feet.

In a bus people think only about themselves and nobody notices if anyone is uncomfortable due to you. And here comes the best part no one tends to apologize after stamping somebody’s feet.

The pain of stamping differs from footwear to footwear. If it is school shoes you cannot fathom the pain. If you are hit by high heels then GOD BLESS YOU. But this can be life experience in disguise, to withhold anger and restrain pain without any fault of yours.

So dear friends it is but obvious such things happen but if you realize your mistake please extend an apology.Thats the least we can offer.

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