This is collection of few articles telling my experience while travelling in Bangalore buses. It is based on my personal views and my travel through Bangalore in buses. It is a depiction of bus journey


3. Mobile Saint Criss Cross


Heavy traffic blaring horns fast vehicles people walking in a hurry and amidst this chaos you see a saint above all these worldly drama, and who is this, well no one other than the Perennial Mobile User, totally lost in their world.

But dear mobile saint there is something more important than your mobile talks and messages, and well that is your LIFE.

Road sense is very crucial for pedestrians, while one is busy talking on phone or busy in their own world, a vehicle can come cruising over you and you may end in a bad situation. Hence to be on safer side, please while crossing restrain from using the phone.

The call may be important but not more important than you.


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