This is collection of few articles telling my experience while travelling in Bangalore buses. It is based on my personal views and my travel through Bangalore in buses. It is a depiction of bus journey


2. Gentlemen and not so gentlemen


It gets difficult at times travelling in buses for girls. With pushing shoving it just gets really uncomfortable. Suppose a woman gets a seat then it is better to have window seat at least it will save you from men falling on you. In AC buses people with huge backpacks just walk over you as if it is their right. Men sit on ladies seats then to make them get up is a huge task in itself. But at times you may meet disappointment but that does not stop you from asserting your rights. Atleast be proud that you make an effort.

But there are always exceptions, you will always find few people who understand your problems and are always ready to extend a helping hand. Like giving up seat to an old lady or offering to hold up bags of college girls.

It’s the compassion and good nature which distinguishes men from gentlemen. And it’s not that difficult to become one. People remember those who stand aside in crowd not the ones who keep their eyes ears closed. A little act of generosity will be remembered forever.




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