This is collection of few articles telling my experience while travelling in Bangalore buses. It is based on my personal views and my travel through Bangalore in buses. It is a depiction of bus journey


5. Eavesdropping or what


In all TV soaps we can see every character eavesdropping on each other. Now in buses we are forced to do so.

People tend to talk so loudly on phones now days that one is forces to be part of their private life. Love fights, problems at home, office gossip, discussing deciding the next course of action and list goes on and on. And at times there is always risk of somebody really party to this overhears it, well that becomes an embarrassment and risk too.

We all keep our passwords safe from hacking etc then why not keep our private life also protected instead of loudly announcing to the world such things. And also behaving with little sophistication and manners is not a bad thing at all.

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