This is collection of few articles telling my experience while travelling in Bangalore buses. It is based on my personal views and my travel through Bangalore in buses. It is a depiction of bus journey


6. Block


At times we can watch some amusing scene courtesy auto drivers in the city.

Whenever you are struck in traffic and if there is an auto standing in front of a two wheeler, instead of giving a little space to the person to move the auto will block the road in such a way craftsman like way that you cannot move an inch. It does not only go for three wheelers but also cars who think owning a four wheeler gives them right to own the road.

So the moral of this creation of block is that we all live in a society wherein we should co-operate with each other and try not to become nuisance for others. Giving a little space to others to co-exist is not a big task. And this is behavior suited to a well behaved society.

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