lost in the deep

love and all sorts of magic...


1. dark shadows

it was dark all around moans and pleads for life were all around me but the darkness was evil it smelld of death and ashes and hope had no hope in this world of evil but suddnly there it was a light to butiful to discribethen i saw them the most butiful eyes in the world they looked like a vilent storm his arms wear round me embrasing my body and soul up throu this horble place then it was all gone...


i wock up hot with swet then i was in my room comforted by the formila smell of ...home it had been a month since  tristen had saved me from being lost in the deep darkness and with the night mere of that horible night came tristun."hi hether" he said in a deep voice his butiful black wings hanging down his sloched back then he turnd and i code once more see his stormy eyes.i ran in to his embrace he kissed me so pashonatly i almost cryed with joy from seeing him agina.

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