I'll wait for you

my entry for the 1D comp :) pleaaaaaassssseeeee like it gave it spread the word comment and so on


1. harrys here

it's my birth day 31st July I'm on holiday so far it's been alright as it was supposed to be the Girly holiday but dad and granddad came !!!!!!!!! but I'm half way through my holiday and cruising around Majorca with the Harry styles. why you ask well we chose to go to a 5* this year, but guess who I met Harry styles !!!!!!!! I am the most happy girl in the world he saw me and I saw him and as he nudged Niall and pointed at me thinking I was cute as I only am 14 well 15 today and I look young for my age ,and of course everyone says in magazines Harry's into older women but don't believe every thing you read. Any way I'm gawping at him he gets up and comes too talk to me!!!!! he asks who I am and invites me over only to meet Niall, Zayn, louis and Liam. I look at my phone and realise we've been talking for the whole morning when I see my family coming down the steps for lunch and then my sister starts running down the steps as she see's me with 1D and she try's to flaunt and but harry doesn't care in our conversation, kissing up to Harry but he only wants to talk to me!!!!! " it's my birthday" I said. " oh really " exclaimed Harry, so I nodded " then you deserve this" he whispered as he leaned in to give me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I blushed I had to go as my lunch was ready me and hannah couldn't stop talking. " It looks like you had a good morning "said mum, " I did and Harry invited me and the whole family for dinner with them tonight at sunnies " and since hannah had to take the credit " she shrieked " actually mum I scored the dinner" . " No you didn't I protested" so thankfully I wore her down so she would admit it and at mid afternoon I went to the room even before hannah to get ready .



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