The Summer I Fell in Love

When a young man and lifetime mommy's boy goes away to sleep away camp, the last thing on his mind is meeting a girl. But when he meets Taylor, he is thrown a curveball as he finds himself falling in love. Now, plagued with jealous best friends and hormonally charged emotions, Kevin must make the biggest decision ever: let Taylor go or go after her?


3. The Swim Test

We jogged down to the docks only to see Izzy, Ty and Ryan already done and heading back up to get dressed for dinner. We were the only ones left to do the test and I could see the lifeguards were eager to eat dinner so as we walked up and slipped off our shoes, I asked Taylor, “Do you want to have a race?” Without a word, I nodded and we shook hands. As our hands connected I felt a shock of pleasure, and was momentarily stunned. Before I had time to react, Taylor dove gracefully into the water. I took a running shot and dove into the water after her.    The water felt absolutely amazing, like nothing I had ever felt before.  It washed over me and took away all the stresses and pains of life, and for a moment I was in heaven. I used my feet as paddles and sliced through the water like a bottle-nosed dolphin. My eyes were closed but I could feel Taylor only a few feet ahead of me. I dove under further and all of a sudden I felt a foot smack into my mouth with an ungrateful thud.    I bobbed above the surface and massaged my jaw tenderly. I slid my finger across my gums and they came out red, I was bleeding. I held my mouth shut for a moment until Taylor surfaced with a concerned look on her face. She saw my bloodied mouth and said apologetically, “Oh my gosh, I am so sorry, I didn’t know you were there.” As I flipped onto my back and began to skull (float on my back) back to the dock I said heartily, “No big deal, it was a good hit.”    Some minutes later, we arrived at the dock and I pulled myself to dry land. In moments the two snotty lifeguards were sprinting to the volleyball courts on the front lawn for the open pit barbeque, obviously frustrated. Laughing, we glided across the lawn to the lodge.    She guided me downstairs to the nurse’s office, who took me inside straight away to ensure I was not seriously injured. She looked over me and with a soft kind voice said, “Well, you took a good hit but aside from some deep bruises, nothing is broken. You are free to go.” I thanked her quickly and left the office. Immediately, Taylor got up from the chair she was sitting in and asked if I was all right. I said, “Yeah I am fine, don’t worry about it.” She breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Thank god, with the kick I gave you I thought I might have broken your jaw.” With that, we headed back upstairs and said nothing for the rest of the walk to our rooms.    As we parted ways, Taylor said, “You know, you aren’t a bad guy.” I said in response, “You aren’t a bad girl either.” She giggled and headed up the stairs to her room. And I slowly stumbled to my room, in a trance. I had just met this girl and I had a feeling we would be great friends, yet there was a knot in my stomach, perhaps a looming disaster. But as I smelt the smell of Angus beef burgers and bacon wrapped hotdogs I passed it off as hunger and jogged to my room.    I chucked my wet clothes on the rail to dry and began to dress. I pulled on cargo shorts and a tight grey V-Neck T-shirt. Then, I threw on some mountain fresh deodorant, a pair of flip flops, my clean glasses and a shark tooth necklace. All of a sudden, behind me, I heard a cool voice say, “A bit preoccupied were we.” I turned around startled to see Ryan with a smile across his face. I shoved him into his bunk and headed out the door without a word.    He caught up with me and after much annoying prodding; he asked straight out, “Do you like her.” I turned to look at him and said, “Have you ever met someone and you knew right away they were so different from the rest that you guys could have a future together because that person makes you feel different then you ever have before. That’s how I feel about Taylor, you do the math.”    As we floated toward the stinking smell of barbeque grease, he said, “I feel that way about Casey.” When he said that I choked on my own saliva and said, “Listen bro, that five was just enough, I will help you become her man.” He high-fived me in a show of thanks and we broke into a run as we neared the barbeque. We slid in quietly and our arrival went unnoticed, so we did not get in trouble for being nearly 20 minutes late to dinner.    About 10 minutes later, as I crouched over the flaming embers of the giant fire pit, Ryan tapped me on the shoulder and whispered, “Taylor and Casey are pointing at you and giggling.” I turned around just in time to see Taylor beckoning me to the blanket her and Casey had laid out. I finished filling my plate, grabbed Ryan by the arm and walked over to Taylor. I asked, “Mind if we join?” Casey laughed and said it was no problem, so we sat on the blanket next to them. I introduced Casey to Ryan and we all began to talk about life together.    We talked for about 10 minutes until Casey said, “I am going to fill up my plate,” and walked off. A few seconds later, Ryan announced he too was going to fill up his plate (though I noticed with amusement it was still full). Once they were both gone, Taylor and I looked at each other and began to laugh at the sudden leave of our friends. After we had finished laughing we began to talk. We talked about life, school, relationships, food, camp, video games and even spas. As we talked I could not help but notice how I could talk to Taylor about anything without feeling compromised or nervous.  

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