The Summer I Fell in Love

When a young man and lifetime mommy's boy goes away to sleep away camp, the last thing on his mind is meeting a girl. But when he meets Taylor, he is thrown a curveball as he finds himself falling in love. Now, plagued with jealous best friends and hormonally charged emotions, Kevin must make the biggest decision ever: let Taylor go or go after her?


2. A Slippery Slope

As we entered the lodge and our bags were taken to our rooms, I whispered to Ryan, “I hope I get to go swimming in that this week, it looks awesome.” Before Ryan could respond, a voice from behind us said, “It is awesome and you get to go swimming in it within the hour, swimming tests are mandatory as soon as you get to camp.” We turned around and saw a tall, blond haired guy with Aviator sunglasses and a duffel bag thrown over his shoulder. He was wearing khaki cut-offs and a muscle shirt. We made short introductions and he introduced himself as Ty.    Ryan and I talked with Ty until we got signed into our rooms. As we walked down the carpeted hallway to where the “cabins” were located, I asked Ryan and Ty which room they were in. Neither Ryan nor I knew and Ty, who was in room 105 as a veteran, checked our forms and it turns out we were all in the same room and there were six campers to a room. We headed to room 105 and Ty pushed open the door.    Inside, the room was absolutely magnificent. There were several bunks and two mirrors that reflected playful shadows across the room. The bunks were empty so we had first pick, which was a good thing. Ryan and I grabbed a bunk next to the door and Ty chucked his bag across the room to a top bunk near the window.    Suddenly, a young man walked in and said, “My name is Manny, I am your camp counsellor.” As I was unrolling my sleeping bag, Ryan came over to me. He climbed up to the top of the bunk and let his long legs hang over the edge.     He had his swim trunks on and I said, “You ready for this?” Without a word he nodded. I quickly changed into my trunks and hopped off the bunk. Then, grabbing my towel off of the rack, I jogged to the door.    As soon as I stepped outside, I felt a huge weight smack against me and I was thrown to the ground. With the breath knocked out of me, I put my hands up in a surrender formation, and then looked up to identify my attacker.    To my surprise, towering above me with an apologetic look on his face and his hand held out, was my friend Israel. Both of us laughing, I got up and introduced Ryan to Izzy then I said, “Damn Izzy, it has been too long, what is up!” We talked for a few minutes until we reached the deck that looked onto the lake.    It was slippery from all the kids running in and out from the water and as we edged our way casually down the steep slope, I saw Ryan slip and fall into Izzy. Izzy in turn ran into me and we all lost our balance, tumbling to the grass below in a jumbled pile of limbs.    I coughed and sputtered and fought for a breath as Ty had landed on top of me and was crushing me. Apologetically, he jumped off me and he and Ryan ran toward the waterfront, while Izzy stayed behind with me.    I shut my eyes for a moment in order to regain strength from the hit. When I opened my eyes again, a familiar face peered at me curiously and the cool female voice said, “Why is it our only encounters happen when you get hurt, which I assume is often?” I realized it was Taylor with a smile stretching across her evenly tan face. I got up and looked her over. She was wearing a tank top and hot pink bikini bottoms, and she had a sandy beach towel over her shoulder. I looked at her for a moment and then said, “I guess you always find me when I am hurt because of serendipity. That makes sense.” She looked at me with a look of intrigue and confusion and said, “Serendipity? What does that mean?”  I quickly responded, “The happening of pleasurable events through the ways of the Fates.” She laughed and said, “You know, you aren’t bad. Now come on, we have to go do our swimming test before dinner.”  

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