Angel in my eyes

Cory has always been able to see the angels, when she told her mother about them see was put in a mental hospital for five years. Now that she has gotten out she will need to rely on her soul mate to find out exactly why see can see angels.


4. Soul Mates

I smiled brightly at the green eyed boy as he took my hand and pulled me up, his grip was soft but firm so that I wouldn't slip away. I had a depressing feeling that I had slipped away from him so many ties before, I didn't want to slip again. When I almost fell he wrapped his arms around my waist to keep me from falling.

"Hey are you OK, Cory?" The boy whispered and I nodded slowly, his arms were still circled around my waist and he was smiling faintly.

"Yes, I'm fine thank you." I whispered back and tried to move out of his arms, after a second he let go with a regretful look on his face. I find that I would do anything to take that look away but for now I just stand still and look at him. 

"Yeah, well, I just wanted to introduce myself, I'm Gabriel Jameson." He says and my mind travels to the angels, years ago there was an Archangel called Gabriel, he disappeared on earth and all other angels feared he had been destroyed by demons. I had learnt all of this when I spoke to my mother's angel last night, she seemed eager to speak with me. I keep a smile on my face as I concentrate on the boy standing in front of me. He was handsome, his bright green eyes were alluring and I found myself staring into them. I ripped my gaze away and looked all around him, a light as green as his eyes was emanating from all around him, it was amazing and it was in me as well. My hand by my side was also glowing bright green and I only knew one reason that would happen, but it was ridicules, surly I hadn't found the one thing that everyone in the world was looking for, my soul mate.

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