Angel in my eyes

Cory has always been able to see the angels, when she told her mother about them see was put in a mental hospital for five years. Now that she has gotten out she will need to rely on her soul mate to find out exactly why see can see angels.


2. school


The next day my mother woke me up at the crack of dawn and presented me with a nice set of cloths, and told me to get dressed. I ended up skipping breakfast so that I wouldn’t be late for school, my mom drove me and we ended up being early. I guess all that time inside one building messed with my sense of time. The walls of the school were grey and the students were all messed into little clicks. When I got to my first class I swear I thought I would lose my hearing, the room was petite and crowded with different faces with only one or two I vaguely recognised. I hated the fact that only half these people were really there, the others figments of my imagination. A beautiful face looked over at me and winked, this boy had bleach blond hair and deep blue eyes, his looks probably made girls swoon. I kind of liked the fact that I wasn’t one of those girls. I smiled sweetly at him and stood at the back of the room, waiting to be told what to do, feeling out of place.

“Hey, I'm Tristan.” I looked up to see the boy from before in front of me.

“I'm Cory.” it was Simple yet true. I didn’t like meeting new people; they were hard to start conversations with. As I looked around the room I noticed some of the girls were glaring at me, like I had done something wrong to them. I carefully avoided eye contact with Tristan; I could still feel his gaze bearing into my skin.

 “Hey Tristan, leave the new girl alone would you, she isn’t a toy.” A new voice said from just behind Tristan, I peered around him to see another absolutely gorgeous face looking at me. His emerald green eyes connected with mine and I felt secure, safe and happy. I mentally shook my head and told myself that was stupid, I didn’t know this boy and I probably never had but there was something so familiar. I smiled my thanks and looked away, feeling like I wanted to run far away. People probably knew all about me and I didn’t want to be the crazy girl who proved to be weird as well. The bell rang and I cringed, I hadn't heard that sound in five years and I really didn't like it even back then. A teacher came into the room and told me to come forward, she asked me to introduce myself and tell them about myself.

"Um, my name is Coriela, Cory for short. I have a baby sister called Vallisa." I said and a soft tone, I hated being put on the spot. A blond haired girl raised her hand and I already knew there was going to be trouble. Her angel looked tired. 

"Yes Felicity." miss flower asked the girl.

"I heard you have been locked up in a crazy home for the past five years, is that true, are you crazy?" Felicity sniggered but I didn't let her get to me, I just told the truth. 

"Yes, my mum put my in a mental institution because I can see angels." I said and all angels in the room turned to stare at me along with the students.

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