Angel in my eyes

Cory has always been able to see the angels, when she told her mother about them see was put in a mental hospital for five years. Now that she has gotten out she will need to rely on her soul mate to find out exactly why see can see angels.


3. Archangel

When it came to lunch I assumed I would just sit alone somewhere and see if an angel spoke to me, not many knew I could see them but I bet the whole school's angels did now that I had told my class. When I entered the cafeteria I chose a seat near the window, a glowing figure came closer to me .

"Can you see me?" it asked and I nodded my head slightly so that no-one would hear me talking to something that supposedly wasn't there. I heard a gasp and turned my head towards the angel, his light was dim and he looked absolutely gorgeous. I had never looked directly at an angel before but now that I had I wondered if they were all this beautiful. His hair was a golden brown and his eyes were hazel, almost golden. I thought my eyes would tear from the pure sight of him, I now understood why humans shouldn't be able to see an angel, they would probably die at the sight of such beauty. "Follow me." The angel said and I found myself getting up and following him, not because he had told me to but because I wanted to. The angel led me to a vacant area. 

"What are we doing here?" I asked, I had never liked not knowing what was going on and I really didn't like not knowing what was going on when angels were involved. He smiled and sat down on the grass.

"We are hear so that we can talk without people thinking you are crazy." He said as I sat down apposite him. I wondered how he could look so peaceful and yet so heavenly. The wind picked up and I leant my head so that it would caress my face, I always did that when it was windy, I saw the angel's wings pick up slightly in the breeze. "My name is Michael." The angel said and I snapped my head in his direction. That wasn't possible, Michael was an archangel and never left the side of the heavenly throne. 

"Then why are you here?" I asked because now I was curious. An archangel rarely ever left heaven. 

"I was sent here to find two young nephilim, I have found one and now I have found the other." Michael said as he glared over my shoulder, I turned around to find the green eyed boy coming toward me with a smile, I was instantly filled with that feeling of warmth and happiness and protection. I quickly turned around to see that Michael was gone, a hand on my shoulder made me turn around again and the green eyed boy was staring down at me. 

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