love love oh and more love...


1. kissing terro

they were in  love deeply they were about to kiss threr eyes looking into eache others they nelt closer and closer  unill finaly there lips met in an expresion of love the sweat tang of each others lips as there toungs swirld in a love spiral untill  sudnly somthing grabed the girl draging her deep into the woods but he could not run to save her he he was glued to the spot thats when he saw her butiful figer draped in white reaviling large white wings shining with difernt coloures then with an angelic voice said "if you wish to see your beloved agina then you will need my help to travil to the underworled and make a deal with my bolved the one you know as hades" he thort about it then realised that this must be presephone queen of the under world at this descovery a shiver ran down his spine untill he said "then you are the queen of the died" a sliy smiel slid acrosse her face and her eyes turend gray.

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