5 thugs. 1 bite. A nation of Death.


1. The First

"Welcome to Sunshine summer camp! Teenagers will take the wardened off part of the site, while the younger children will stay with the adults in the cabins. Teens should have all equipment and try and work together to survive the night. Tomorrow morning everyone shall meet by the meeting pole where we will start the activities. Please go to your marked out areas on the map and settle in. Hope you enjoy your stay!" was what the young lady had said in her pearly white jacket and skirt, both of which were rimmed with a shining blue ribbon. Her shoes matched, as did her earring and the rubber band which held her scarlet red hair in a tight and uncomfortable bun. Her uniform was like a sailors, specially tailored for her job and made to a prim fit. Her voice hurt the ears of all as she shouted through the large megaphone, even her own and as soon as she finished her speech, she shut it off so that there was no screeching noise which could harass everyone to the point of bloody bubbling ears. She licked her plump red lips and bit them which made them even more red, almost as red as a rose, but that is only possible in fairy tales. Foolish fairy tales. What a horror it would be to keep all these kids in order, thought she. Her plump cheeks covered her anxiety which was ever so visible in her cyan eyes. This was no fairy tale. She knew something bad was to happen, she was part of it, though she could not stop it. She was to be the first to be tested on.
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