5 thugs. 1 bite. A nation of Death.


2. Chav

It was nearing 4:00PM, when the children dispersed among the desolate trees. The whispering shadows loomed as the sun sweltered above. The laughing of the youngest made the place seem almost creepy, like a graveyard. The ground was covered in cement, a children's playground. He hot tarmac was sticky under foot, it shone an oily shine that radiated heat as high as 5 foot above its surface.

In the middle of the mess, a large aluminium pole strutted up. The flag on top represented the moon and the sun merged, the camps motto fitted with it, 'Don't go down with the moon, go up with the sun and shine!' after many years since it had been put up, rebels had carved their names into it and put small notices like 'Beware, they don't clean the toilets' or 'Ooh, cabin no. 3 is haunted!'. Most of these people were found out and sent home or some were never and allowed to continue doing bad.

Around the camp meeting point was thick luscious lawns and in between several cabins, they were all marked whether they for males or females and the number which they were. Cabin 1 was for boys, cabin 2 for girls, cabin 3 for staff and so on. Beyond that the trees began. They were dark and mysterious, in between their twists and bends you could almost see faces, distorted and sad, moaning to be released from the dexterity of the old rotting bark. The leaves were a light joyous green, as thought to be normal at this time of year and the roots were almost invisible in the long grass.

Poppy and Taylor giggled as the young male strutted out into the open with his gigantic rucksack, texting hurriedly away on his new smartphone. It was easy to lose signal around unusual woods when camping and he had already scratched the shining metallic case of the phone. Hormones were what made him secretive and daring towards girls of his age.

His dark brown hair was slicked back with long-hold gel. He made sure he hid his phone well as it was not supposed to be permitted on the premises. His face was long and gloomy and a slight stubble had grown onto his chin due to puberty. He was feeling quite sticky because of himself sweating and of immature perspiration. He was going through puberty quite late and his back was hunched over as an after effect of growing up too quickly.

His underbite was quite unattractive and it made his lower lip overlap his top lip, they were pale like his skin which was slightly damaged from going in the sun bed and it barely showing a slight chance of working on him.

He was wearing a Ralph Lauren polo and jeans, which if you had, you were apparently the hottest guy in the world. He also wore some gold-rimmed Ray Bans which shaded his golden brown eyes. He smiled cheekily at Taylor and she pretended to faint in which Poppy attempted to catch her and failed, getting a small bitch-slap when her friend picked herself up. The boy continued as the two argued in their depressingly put-on Essex accents.

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