why who and what was she...


1. the end

what would you do you were told you had 1 months to live befor the wourld was going to be eaten by a worm hole ?

i dont know what i would do but i sure do know what hether would do...


task 1

head to my mothers safe house

task 2

summn a werm hole from an old book

task 3

tell the goverment they have one month to live

task 4

will tell you what it is later


ever since hether was young she has been talt how to kill,fite and cause the world troble my mother is an evil master mind my father is a goody two shoes and herwell you could just say she is trouble."did you do it my girl" shoutedmy grandad as she came throu the door "yes i did it i have terrifide the wourld" she said prodlty to her grand evil perents and my mum. who gave me a big hug and kiss then wisperd to me "your so amazing hether my dear you have made me proud".



task 4

tell them it wont actulay happen they have a viress insted...






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