Turns out different

Lucinda Hickley moves school, she is liked by her class mates, but the girls in the year above her dislike her. What will they do?


1. Flight

As I woke up, my back ached, my neck clicked and I felt particularly groggy. My eyes were only half open, but open enough to see my sister Eleanor asleep next to me. I couldn't help but laugh, watching her catch flies in her mouth, I had to do one little prank, didn't i? Instantly I tugged my new phone out of my pocket and uploaded the app which I had downloaded earlier that day - the buzzer! BANG! She jumped almost straight away. "Why did you do that Luc'? Your a cow, you know? No one will like you at our new school!" Eleanor screamed attracting a few peoples eyes. Unlike most people, this didn't hurt my feelings as it was a common response from my sister.

"The aircraft is now landing, if you could all please make sure that your seat belts are tightly fastened, please ring the bell for assistance - thank you," says the woman on the load speaker in a high pitch squeak.

Until we landed Eleanor didn't say anything to me, just sat staring ahead. When we landed she spoke to mother about school. She questioned her about our new school - where were we going; why did we have to move; was it our fault? Those questions began to occur in my kind, why were we here? 

After collecting our baggage and going through passport control areas, we were finally aloud to breath in the American air. My heart was pounding. I was excited. But nervous.


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