Nymph blood

James is just an average fifteen year old boy. He likes video games and basketball, as well as his friends dan and john. But one day, while walking through witch woods, he discovers something that will change his life forever...

This is for the fantasy comp. please like it!


3. The tree with two trunks

We walked along through the woods. or, quite frankly, she walked, and i stumbled after her aimlessly,  my arms flailing about. The torch had flickered out about five minutes ago, so i only had the the soft glow of the moon to guide me.  When my eyes finally adjusted, i took the time to study the girl. She had long, black hair flowing down her back like a waterfall. Her amber eyes were surrounded by a set of long, thick eyelashes and she had skin the colour of black coffee. She seemed about five foot nine, with long slender legs. She was extremly beautiful, but i already had a girlfriend, so i wouldn't let the thought enter my mind. No matter how much it wanted to.

"What's your name?" I inquired. She stopped and turned to face me.

"Estelle." She replied. "What's yours?"


She nodded thoughtfully. Her eyes had glazed over, and and she started fiddling with her hair. She suddenly shook herself, and snapped her head towards me. "We better keep going, if we want to get there by midnight." Estelle remarked. I had no idea what she was talking about, but i felt that i could trust her.

We walked along for half an hour in silence. The further into the woods we went, the more mysterious it became. We were about to reach the middle, when Estelle stopped. "We're here." She whispered. In front of us stood two willow trees, each twisting and turning around the other, until it looked like a tree with two trunks. She shoved me in front of it, and motioned for me to go through the triangular gap in the trunk. I crouched down, and stumbled through.


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