Nymph blood

James is just an average fifteen year old boy. He likes video games and basketball, as well as his friends dan and john. But one day, while walking through witch woods, he discovers something that will change his life forever...

This is for the fantasy comp. please like it!


4. Sangrella

My jaw hit the ground. I wasn't in the woods anymore. Instead i was in a clearing. The sun was already beggining to rise, spraying bright red and soft pink streaks across the inky black sky. The air was cool and crisp. I looked behind me and saw estelle appear through the gap in the tree, swishing her glossy hair over her shoulder.

"Its beautiful, isn't it?" She said. Right at that moment, a cluster of ruby red and baby blue butterflies flew by her nose. She was right. It was beautiful.

"Where are we?" i asked.


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