Nymph blood

James is just an average fifteen year old boy. He likes video games and basketball, as well as his friends dan and john. But one day, while walking through witch woods, he discovers something that will change his life forever...

This is for the fantasy comp. please like it!


7. Queen Esmerelda Consuela the 3rd

Estelle stopped right infront if the steps that lead to the palace. They were made out of cool marble, like most of the city. They spiraled upwards, before stopping at the large, red, metal doors. She started clambering up them gracefully, with me in tow.  To keep me from bursting in to tears, i counted the steps. The rythmic beat of my feet on the marble was soothing, and i felt myself relax, just a bit, before i came to the last step. 578.

Estelle stood in front of the 6-foot guards that were barricading our way in. She reached in to her pocket, and pulled out a small card that looked like an identifacation. They patted her down, looking for weapons, before stepping out of the way of the doors. Estelle grunted as she shoved one open. I followed her in pursuit, but  before i even set foot on the carpeted entrance, the two guards stepped in front of me. I gave Estelle a confused look as they spoke to me in a different language.  The voices they used was cruel, and cold enough to make me shiver, so i guess they weren't welcoming me to the kingdom.

After a lot of explaining from Estelle, and a thourough pat down from the guards, they reluctantly stepped aside and let me through. 

Estelle marched through each room, me following behind. To my suprise, nobody stopped us, and a few people nodded their heads towards Estelle in gratitude. I asked her why, and it turns out that she works here, as head chef. Chef for the queen. Impressive.  I admired each room, and took as long as i could to soak up the details. Like the plush red carpets, the thick, gold embroided curtains, and the many, many paintings hanging delicatley in silver frames. Every table had a china fruit bowl filled to the brim with fruits that i had never seen before, and every mantelpiece was driping with jewel encrusted sculpures.

We crossed through a small, olive coloured hall before entering the throne room. It was the size of my whole house, with rows and rows of pews leading up to three large thrones, which sat side by side. Two of them were occupied by a tall, golden haired woman and a tanned, raven haired girl who looked about my age. They were both dressed in pure white angelic dresses, and both of them were covered in jewellery. I gaped at them, and i felt Estelle giving me a scornful look.

"Come closer, young man." The older woman boomed in a magestic voice. I slowly steped closer, even though my legs felt like jelly. I felt her eyes bore into me, like she could see my soul. Her strikingly green eyes were narrowed into slits, and her mouth in a line. She tossed her head, so her golden curls flew about, and the glittering crown on her head almost fell off.

"My name, is Queen Esmeralda Consuela the 3rd. what is your name?" She inquired.

"James, James Bennet your majesty." I stuttered. I felt the girl looking at me, but when i looked at her, she blushed and stared at the ground.

 "So, James, do you know why you are here?" Esmeralda asked, but before i could answer, she said, "You are here, because you are destined to save our magnificant island from the wrath of a draggon. Monstorius besta is it's name." She seems very calm about it, i thought. "It has been burning down crops, kidnapping children, and destroying houses that we made by hand. You, are our saviour. Our only hope. You will save us."

"Umm, that is very flattering, but i don't think i could. I don't have a special talent, i know no magic, and the last time i tried to fight someone..." I trailed off, hoping i wouldn't have to spell it out.

"You will be taught." She sighed. Without looking over she started talking to her daughter.

"Valencia, show this James the castle, and where he will be sleeping." The queen ordered. Valencia rose gracefully from the chair, and glided towards me. She gave my a sultry smile before taking my hand and pulling me out the room. I looked back at Estelle, who smiled at my panicking face before walking over to the queen and bowing low.


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