Nymph blood

James is just an average fifteen year old boy. He likes video games and basketball, as well as his friends dan and john. But one day, while walking through witch woods, he discovers something that will change his life forever...

This is for the fantasy comp. please like it!


8. Pictures

Valencia tried desperatley to show me the castle in a sexy way, by leaning over the tables, and placing her hand on my chest at any moment possible. As she showed me the dining hall, and her very low cleavege, a question popped into my head.

"How are you so sure that i am the saviour? I mean, it could be someone else venturing into the woods." I asked. They couldn't be that sure. Could they?

"The paintings, of course. Everybody in Sangrella has a power, some have stronger ones than others. My mother has a power of predicting the future, but she can't tell how far in to the future it wil be, and when she will predict them. As well as that, she doesn't know exactly what is going to happen, as she only sees a flash of the future in a freeze frame, which she will then paint for her to study it properly. When she paints, it flows out of her, and creates a photograph on the canvas. There are lots of paintings of you. That's how we know." She explained. I hadn't taken any notice to the paintings before then, but as soon as she said it, one behind her caught my eye...

 There was me, in armour, and a girl in regular clothing. It seemed like a close-up, as you could only see above our shoulders. My hand was on her cheek, and we were staring intently at each other, passion smouldering in our eyes. The clouds behind us seemed dull and grey, but there was a definate spark around us.

The girls face was drowned in shadows, but you could still make out her glinting amber eyes.

"That's my faverioute." Valencia commented. I looked into her eyes, and realised that they were identical to the eyes in the painting. She smiled at me, and i gulped.

We walked through the rest of the castle, mainly in silence. I paused to study each and every hanging painting, seeing what i would find out. I was in all different situations, doing all different things. It ended up taking two hours for me to see the castle, so we were both relived when we made it to my room. It was at the top floor and was absolutley massive. I could have had four of my old bedrooms in it! The walls were a greeny blue. I looked around in admiration at the gadgets, as the room had been kitted out with the latest technology. I traced the outline of a computer, and picked up a gaming device to study it.

I had forgotten about Valencia until she sat down on the bed behind me, making it creak. I froze, and felt my shoulders tensing up. I placed the gadget back in it's place, and slowly turned round to look at her.

"Thankyou, Valencia, for showing me my room. Now if you don't mind, i would like some time, alone." It came out harsher than i meant it to. She gave me a hurt look before stalking out, her silver stillettos clicking on the polished floor. Sighing, i check out the rest of my room. There was a large, walk-in wardrobe already stacked with clothes, an en-suite bathroom, and a large window that took up almost the whole of one wall. The veiw was spectacular. I could see all of the palace's magnificant gardens, and the streets below were crowded with tiny men and women who were oblivious of me watching them.

I felt exhausted, even with all the thoughts racing in my mind. I missed my parents. I wanted answers. I needed help. Kicking my shoes off, i climbed under the covers fully clothed. I started crying gently, before falling into a deep sleep full of silver dragons and chocolate trifle.

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