Nymph blood

James is just an average fifteen year old boy. He likes video games and basketball, as well as his friends dan and john. But one day, while walking through witch woods, he discovers something that will change his life forever...

This is for the fantasy comp. please like it!


6. Imaginary wax

Shoving through the crowd, i found myself yet again struggling to keep up with Estelle. She weaved through the chaos like a cat, stopping every now and then to wait for me. All around me men were shouting out bargians, and people were haggling for them. Some weren't even human. I saw a pretty indian woman who was human from the waist up, and snake from the waist down. She wore a necklace of shimmering black diamonds, that distinctly matched the colour of her scales.

As we made our way down the street, a beautiful, gorgeous, fantastic woman walked past. My jaw hit the ground, and my eyes couldn't leave her, not that they wanted to. I love her. My heart was aching to hold her curvy body, to touch her golden hair, to kiss her soft pink lips. The world seemed hazy as i started walking over to her, my arms held out like a zombie. She turned round and saw me, her mouth then broke in to a smile. It lit up the world, and everyone turned to look at it. I suddenly felt someone tugging on my shirt, but i didn't care. I had to be with my love. My love is-

Slap! I blinked, and glared at Estelle, who was standing in front of me, her hand still by my face. My cheek felt tingly and sore.

"Desire." Estelle retorted.

"What?" I questioned.

"She is a desire. An inhumanly beautiful woman who seduce men with their looks, before feeding off their emotions through intimacy. Every man loves them. They can't help it." She replyed.

"Oh." Was all i could manage. The concept of it was confusing. The concept of the whole city was confusing. It looked modern enough, with proper shops you would find in the high street, but then there are stalls selling magical gifts from hundreds of years ago. Lots of the things being sold looked like they had come out of a Harry Potter book.

Estelle went over to a stall selling a weird looking pastry, and bought two. She thanked the man in an unknown language, and walked back to me. Estelle had used coins that were in the shape of triangles. I asked if that was the national currency.

"Yes, it is." She answered, peeling the top off one of the pastry's, revealing a honey-coloured goo in the middle. She then gave it a tentative lick with the small tounge, so i assumed that one was hers.

Estelle handed me the other pastry, and took a big bite out of hers. I tore off a bit, and gingerely placed it in my mouth. At first, it tasted like a lemon tart, but then a sherberty flavour hit me, and i screwed my face up due to the sweetness. It washed over my tounge like a lake, drowning my tastebuds in flavour. When i swallowed, i was left with a strawberry aftertaste. Yum.

It was another twenty minutes before either of us said anything. I was thinking about family. I wonder what mum is doing right now?

Then it dawned on me. They would think i'm missing. They would send out search parties. John and Dan, they would be blamed for this, and not just by themselves. I had to go back, and tell them i was ok, that i just needed to save a magical kingdom that you could only get to through a tree. That should sort everything out.

"I need to go home." I said bluntly.

"I was waiting for that." Estelle whispered solemly, a look of sorrow fell over her face like a shadow.

" You will not go home. You are forbidden to. Did you really think that after showng you all this, i would let you go home and tell your familily? Just so they, and i'm sure the rest of the world, could come through and snoop about our beloved land? That has happened once before, and i am going to make sure it never happens again."

"So, there is no chance of me ever going back?" I asked quietly. I felt shell-shocked. Never seeing my family? Never hearing Jude's cheesy jokes again, or ever tasting my mums famous chocolate trifle?

"Well, there is one way." estelle remarked slowly. A small candle of hope flickered to life behind my eyes.

"You have to be dead." She finished. The candle blew out, the small yellow flame now turning into a murky black smoke until all that was left was a lump of imaginary wax.




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