Nymph blood

James is just an average fifteen year old boy. He likes video games and basketball, as well as his friends dan and john. But one day, while walking through witch woods, he discovers something that will change his life forever...

This is for the fantasy comp. please like it!


2. Amber eyes

Crunch. My feet treaded over the rotting leaves on the forest floor. I hate dares. Never again. Never again will i play truth or dare. I swung the torch round, trying to keep calm. Gnarled roots sprung out of the ground, twisting and turning like barbed wire. My heart was thudding in my chest, my mouth was as dry as cotton wool and my tounge felt like sandpaper. Suddenly, i tripped, and the ground comes up to greet me. My foot had gotten tangled up in some nettles; whenever i moved, it stung like hell. I cried out in agony, my steel grey eyes screwed up tight. I could feel hot, wet tears trickle down my cheek. Welts and sores covered my left leg, but it feels worse than it looks.

I lay there for twenty minutes before i stopped crying. My butt had gone numb, but the pain in my ankle was far from gone. "Dan?" I shouted hoarsely. "John? Are you there?" I heard a rustling to my left.

"Guys? Stop messing about and come help me." I started to panic.

all of a sudden, a figure jumped down,and landed on my chest. the air was knocked out of me, and i struggled to breath.

"silence!" she hissed, her amber eyes glaring at me. "You are to do as i say. Understood?"

I nodded. In my state, i could hardly fight her. She pulled out a slim knife out of her pocket, and slashed at the brambles around my leg. My shin was red and swollen, and when i tried to move i had to bite my tounge to stop myself  from screaming. She sighed, rolled her eyes and leaned down next to me.

She closed her eyes, and placed her hands on my injured limb. I winced as she pushed down and started whispering. I sat up, trying to understand what she was saying, but she was speaking in a language i had never heard of. It sounded german, chinese, italian and spanish all at the same time. While she was speaking, i could feel the pain in my leg sort of... leak out, if thats even possible. She started chanting, and my shin turned to its natural colour. I watched in amazement as her words worked like an anti- inflammatory.

When she took her hands of my leg, it was like there was nothing wrong in the first place. I lay back on the ground, stunned. "H-how... How did you do that?" I stammered. Saying nothing, she got up and started walking.

"Follow me." She demanded without turning round. I scrambled to my feet and started running after her. There was no way i was going through the woods on my own now!



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