it is a story about a girl who gets paid to kill others but hides her true form she all ways gets the job done but at what cost.
her true form is known only by her boss and the others she works for as they are the same but when she finds out she is diffrent and some one already knows...?


2. HER!

"i i to you... will you let go of my throut"said stray as she strugled agenst his strong grip."fine but your not going enywear ok" he said as removed his hand from her throut and insted put his hand on her arm fermly and grould "why were you triying to kill me" he staired her deeply in her eyes as if looking for the anser in them but he let down his gaurd so she slitherd round him grabed her nife and held it to his throut "who said i wont kill you" she wisperd in his ear then smaked him round the head noking him out.


he wock to see a large plain space of a wear house it was only slightly light but he saw something in the corner all hunched and coverd in feather also to his suprise crying he got up but she turnt to revil big black eyes but when she relised it was him they went bule agina "sorry...about last night i am .... um sam who are you" she turnd away from him then said in a small voice "stray is my name" then reternd to her sloch "why are you criying was it me" he asked politly even thou he was still angery at her but was still sum how concernd. 



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