it is a story about a girl who gets paid to kill others but hides her true form she all ways gets the job done but at what cost.
her true form is known only by her boss and the others she works for as they are the same but when she finds out she is diffrent and some one already knows...?


1. blood!

The man was walking slowly down the discarded and broken parth of venis she was up high waiting for the right moment to ponce her moment arived swiftly he bent to pick up a droped coin she had placed not long befor that. She flew down spreding her wings wide slashing at him with the sharp edgis of her blades it was a clean death dead and done.


An hour later..."it is done no blood to quik for that and they will all think he was kill by a broken lamp post" she explained as she arived at the offices."Good your agreed payment is in the bag over there" he said as he pointed at the old bag by the door. She took the bag and walked out "" said the secitery as she left the loby door her real name was un noun so as she is the only one with black wings all the others had white ones she is the cleanest most un seen one of them all.

The next night she had a nother job to kill a teen she never is told why ? just who when and were.She waited unitll he was there right in time then she flew down and started to slash but she stoped his eyes they were deep butifule and lovly he looked furmilua some how she then relised he had hold of her by the throut and pushed her agenst a wall hearting her back badly "who are you what do yo wont and .... what are you".

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