The Black Wedding

Well, I don't know how this is going to be going. But it is based on my friends who like each other a lot. Hopefully after they read this they too will realize they had not just like between them, but something much more


3. Saturday, 7.45pm, Melanie


Cain and I have been talking to each other about random things all evening, but I can’t recollect it exactly. I was too busy checking him out. My God! How handsome he has become over the past two years! Or is it that I’m noticing it only now? After all he always used to have only girls by his side when we were studying together. I had even thought him to be gay.

It must be because my father has now arranged for me to marry one of his close friends son, Euan Dornan, that I’m noticing other men. Thoughts of my impending engagement looms like a dark shadow over this beautiful evening.

“What is it?” Cain’s words broke past my thoughts. We were outside in the parking lot, trying to prolong this evening as much as possible.

“What’s what?”

“You were frowning as though you were having unpleasant thoughts. I just hope it wasn’t about me. I shall never forget the bashing I got, all for speaking to you when you were having a bad hair day.” he winks at me and butterflies flutter around in my stomach.

“Oh shut up Cain. Do you always have to have a go at me? Even now? After all these years?”

“Well yes. Obviously. Haven’t you heard people say that some things never change? This is one of those” a grin like his was so contagious, I couldn’t help but grinning back at him.

“By the way, is that a new shirt you’re wearing?” That disarms me. It was a new, but how the hell did he know about it?

“How on earth did you know?” I had tried on like millions of clothes, but none seem to be perfect. Like the green knee length sundress, with flowers on it seemed a too date-like dress. But a t-shirt and jeans seemed too casual, which this wasn’t. I can’t explain it, I wanted to look my best tonight I guess. And I’m glad I did go out and get this plain black ruffled collar shirt. He, in his suit,

“Don’t look so surprised. It was just this little tag peeking out from here that gave you away.” I could see him trying not to laugh and I had almost retorted back when he twirled me around, kind of like in a dance move and reached up to my neck to pull out the price tag. A warm feeling spread through me and I knew my face had gone up in flames.

“There you go. I’m pleased that you went shopping for my sake. You look too beautiful tonight.” Now he didn’t even try to hide his amusement. He was practically chuckling.

“Don’t presume I bought it for your sake Cain. In actual, I hadn’t even bought it today. I had bought it long back but didn’t get around to wearing it till tonight” I said angrily and I got into my car after that. How dare he presume such things! Even though it was true. I was angry. But I didn’t know at whom more; him for being so arrogant and me for being attracted to that arrogance.

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