The Black Wedding

Well, I don't know how this is going to be going. But it is based on my friends who like each other a lot. Hopefully after they read this they too will realize they had not just like between them, but something much more


2. Saturday, 4PM: Cain


     I’m still at work. There is still time for me to go through this file before leaving for the Waterloo. Then why can’t I get myself to work?

oh please you know the answer so quit asking me the question.

Well I already know her. We are no strangers. I know all the craziness that lies underneath that beautiful skin of hers.

There you go. You got your answer

Did I say beautiful? I didn’t mean that. Not that I don’t think she’s beautiful. I mean she is pretty. But I don’t think of her as-

Can you hear your stuttering self? You may lie to your parents easily and maybe not so easily with your friends too. How can you lie to me when I can hear your every thought? I’m you after all. Or hadn’t you worked that out yet. How Melanie thinks you as a genius is a wonder to me. I can just see a stupid person. Or is that a privilege you are allowing me?

Shut up!

You’ve always liked her. What’s wrong with that?

I said shut up. I don’t like her and I know she most certainly doesn’t like me that way.

How ca-

For god’s sake, cut the crap. I’m gonna go take a shower and get ready now.

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