The Black Wedding

Well, I don't know how this is going to be going. But it is based on my friends who like each other a lot. Hopefully after they read this they too will realize they had not just like between them, but something much more


1. Melanie


     A marriage? Live with one guy? For the rest of my life? I don’t think I can live that way. I mean, seriously, how can a person be sure they have chosen the right partner? Or that they will still feel the same way after years of being married? It is a fickle world after all.

     But no. My father wants to see me wedded. And as soon as possible. He is of the old school; a girl cannot remain single in her life. She must have a man to protect her from the big bad world. Either a dad or a husband. But my dad is getting old. His health is not as it once used to be. So that must mean he must soon get to see his daughter happily married and after that a few grandchildren for him to keep company in his old age

     What can I say that will not upset him anymore, which might not have grave consequences on his health? There is nothing I can do to stop him.

     At least he allowed me to choose my groom. Something I cannot bring myself to be happy about. If I have my way with things I wouldn’t have a groom anytime.

     *beep beep*

Who could it be now?

Unknown number: Hey girl. This is Cain. Remember me and all the good old days we spent together?

Cain? OMG! I haven’t spoken to that idiot in ages. How could I have lost contact with a person closer to me than a brother?

Me: Cain you duffer, of course I remember you. You thought I’d forget. Wassup dude?

Cain: Well, well, look who’s still alive! Where were you all these years?

     Okay that was the one thing I wish he hadn’t asked. I can feel the heat rising to my face at all those mushy promises like ‘together forever’ I had made with him. Guilt is one uncomfortable feeling.

Me: It’s not like you bothered to call or text me earlier. Anyways let’s not fight as usual. How is life with you? All well?

Cain: Okay, let’s not fight. I’m good. Life is going great. And that reminds me. I’m gonna be in London for a while. Any chance we could, like, meet up babes?

Me: That’d be great man. How about 5.30PM, Saturday at the Waterloo? There is a nice coffee shop which I know that serves great coffee. You are still that coffee addict I presume :D.

Cain: Yeah still the same :P. Meet you on Saturday then.

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