Mysterious Lottery Ticket ?!?

There's a man called john he gets a lottery ticket but the numbers on the lottery ticket show up to much and he gets bad bad luck ...


1. Home Safe Home

In the middle of America there's a house with a man called john he lives in the house with his mom who is called Jennifer and with his dad who is called Paul.

John says normally "Dad I'm going out to the market today to buy a lottery ticket lets hope we win aye?" Whiles opening the door and walking outside

Paul shouts " Ok boy this hopefully we win" Whiles waving thermally at John as he walks out the door

John walks out of his house hoping to win the lottery John starts walking and looking around he notices a head with blood on it pop up from the window, John starts running he ran and ran to his friends house because he wants his friend to come with him John walks up to Chris's house and knocks on the door John screeches "Hello anyone home !" then Chris opens the door and Asked "What do you want?"

John responded carmly "Want to come with me to the market to get a lottery ticket"

Chris said "Sure Bruv"

John and Chris ran to the market and grabbed the lottery ticket with number's 12,45,24,53,2 on it he put the lottery ticket on the counter and bought it for 1 Dollar then they walk out of the market and chris runs across the road Chris Shouted "Come on John" whiles running across the road but then a bus comes and hits chris straight in the side but its strange because that never happens to chris when he runs across the road he never gets it by a car John walks across carfully but he trips over in the middle of the road a bus goes full speed down the road on a red light john gets up and jumpts onto the other side of the road John's getting bad luck but why ? John carries on walking until he gets back to the house when he gets back the house is on fire he opens the door and makes a sprint to the living room he grabs the phone and calls 911 *Callling 911* he gets the fire men the fire men get there in time but when fire men try to come in, a the second floor collapses on the fire men and all the fire men burnt to death and got squished


John legs it up the stairs but the fire is right behind him John trips over the fire spreads right next to him

His heart stops his eyes shut and open he makes a runner to the top before he got caught then he opens the window and jumps on the old matress that they chucked away ages ago John turns round and looks at the other houses that are fine then he turns back around and his house is gone ....... He still dont know why this is happening.....

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