Diary of a foster child

My name is Summer Dawson,i live in a foster home in London.I have been in care since i was five,ive been here for six years,i have lived in one foster home all my life and have lived with seven different people who have all sent me back here.I have made friends and enemys,my best friend is Milly and my enemy is Jasmin.I really wish i could have a good foster parent who wont bring me back.I wonder if i will ever get fostered?


2. Sweet dreams.........not!

I stormed up to my room.I threw Lulu's ugly top on her bed and put on my stripey blue top.I wish I was sharing a room with Suzy insted of Lulu,me and Suzy are sisters,but my other sister is here to she is..............Lulu.We are sisters who were put into care together,Suzy is the eldest,Lulu is the second eldest and im the youngest.I like both my sisters but i like suzy a lot more then i like Lulu.We go to the same school but Suzy is in year 9,Lulu is in year 8 while im in year 7.I heared footsteps approach the bedroom door "hello,Summer can i come in?"asked another care taker called Debby "yeah"i replied as Debby walked into my room and sat on my bed next to me "how would you like a new roomate?"asked Debby "yes!a million times yes!"i replied "your new roomate is going to be your older sister Suzy"announced Debby "yay!"i exclaimed "but you,Suzy and Lulu will be sharing this room together"said Debby "why does Lulu have to share with me and Suzy?"i moaned "because,you three are sisters and sisters should not be devided you three should share because they are your only real family members here"replied Debby.I spoke with Debby for about an hour intill she left.

Suzy and Sasha came into our room carrying a bed "hi Summer"said Sasha as she helped put Suzy's bed in the corner of the room next to the desk "hi,do you need help?"i asked "yeah,can you grab my books from my room?"asked Suzy "yeah sure"i replied and walked into Suzy's old room.I picked up some books and a photo album,i carried them into my room and put them on the desk.



After helping Suzy for three hours i we went to bed "good night Suzy,night Lulu.Sweet dreams"i said and faked going to sleep.When Suzy and Lulu fell asleep i tip toed downstairs and into the cupboard under the sink,in the cupboard i kept lots of fake worms,fake spiders,silly string,some fake sick in a pot and loads more.I went back upstairs carrying some fake sick and fake spiders.I opened the pot of fake sick and poured some under Lulu's blanket and around the bed,then i put some fake spiders under her pillow.When she wakes up she will be so scared that she will not want to get out of bed.

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