Diary of a foster child

My name is Summer Dawson,i live in a foster home in London.I have been in care since i was five,ive been here for six years,i have lived in one foster home all my life and have lived with seven different people who have all sent me back here.I have made friends and enemys,my best friend is Milly and my enemy is Jasmin.I really wish i could have a good foster parent who wont bring me back.I wonder if i will ever get fostered?


3. School

I woke up to the sound of LuLu screaming "ahh!Summer has been sick in my bed!"she screamed jumping off the bed and stepping on the rest of the fake sick "eww!"she squealed

After an hour of Lulu screaming and crying and shouting at me,it was time for school "Lulu,Summer,Suzy,Sasha,Timmy,Toby,Cat,Tess,Cody,Ciran,Dylan,Zane,come and get your school bags"shouted up Leah,the cook.We all came down one after another,we grabbed our lunch and left.I walked by Tess,I guess you could say me and Tess were best friends "good prank against Lulu"said Tess "I know,her face when she saw the fake sick,it was priceless you should of been there"I laughed "I hate sharing my room with Lulu,I would not mind if it was just me and Suzy but all three of us,it's so annoying"I announced "why don't you share rooms with me?"suggested Tess "sure,we will ask when we get back"I agreed

First lesson I had art,I liked art,I could be creative and draw,paint,sketch,copy,recreate and be as imaginative as I want.
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