Diary of a foster child

My name is Summer Dawson,i live in a foster home in London.I have been in care since i was five,ive been here for six years,i have lived in one foster home all my life and have lived with seven different people who have all sent me back here.I have made friends and enemys,my best friend is Milly and my enemy is Jasmin.I really wish i could have a good foster parent who wont bring me back.I wonder if i will ever get fostered?


1. How it began

I have always been in a foster home,ever since i was five i have lived in the same foster home.I have been fostered by seven different familys,i cant really remember the first few familys but i do remember the family that were from scottland and they were really nice and i really liked there daughter Maria,she was so nice to me she let me borrow anything from her even her best barbie doll because we were so little she would hardly ever share with anyone.But after two months with me they took me all the way back here.In this foster home everyone has to share there things and our bedrooms,i share with Lulu,i dont really like Lulu so its kind of hard sharing with her.This morning Lulu borrowed my best shoes whithout asking so i borrowed her best top without asking "ahhh!where is my top?!"screamed Lulu "give me my shoes and i will give you your top back"i said pointing at her top wich i was now wearing "give it now frog face"she said "no!"i shouted "urggg!"she said while starting to chase me into the hallway and down the stairs "give me my shoes and you will get your ugly top back!"i shouted "stop fighting both of you!"said Gareth who is the person incharge "here is your ugly shoes donkey face"said Lulu while passing me my shoes,she held out her hand for me to give her top back "well im not gonna take it off down here am i?"i said in a voice like i was talking to a baby. 

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