Victoria and her boyfriend Matthew ran away from home at seventeen to live together, after finding out they couldn't be together. Two years later Victoria and Matthew live in a town, near their parents. When Matthew gets into a terrible accident and dies, Victoria meets his brother Jamie, and ends up in love with him. But a shocking discovery leads Victoria to find out who it belongs to. Matthew's or Jamie's?

(All towns in the story are made up. No-one lives in Tryon or Lynstock)


2. The funeral

Victoria lay in her bed, feeling lonely, as the tears built up in her eyes. The other side of the bed was empty. She looked over and sighed. "Why?" She thought staring at Matthew's space. It had been a week since the news and Victoria had not left the house since that day. Victoria was alone. No-one to wake up to talk to. No-one to hug. No-one to be with. Alone. The phone went downstairs. Victoria dragged her limp body downstairs and anwsered.


'Oh my Vicky! What happened to Matthew. I heard he's been in an accident.'

'Yeah, that sent him to an early grave Maddie.' A gasp came from the other side of the phone, as well as another womans voice.

'Who's there with you?' Victoria asked, sitting down in an armchair.

'Mum, want to speak with her?'

'Mmm-mm.' A long pause came before Maddie murmured something and passed the phone.


'Oh mum. Why Matthew, what had he ever done?'

'Well he did take you away from us, but I can't speak. I ran away with your dad. Not no though. Anyway, Mr and Mrs Tompson want the funeral to be in Lynstock as it's where you and him are from.'

'Okay... but why are they now caring about their son?'

'I don't know honey, but I have to go. Bye dear.'

'Bye Mum.' Victoria sighed as she put the phone into the holder. There was a knock from the door, which made Victoria jump. She went to the door and opened it to see her friends Lousie, Cole and Gorgina.

'Oh Vicky pet, you're a mess.' Lousie held her arms out, as Victoria's face crumbled.

'He's gone!' She wailed, falling into Lousie's outstreched arms.

'Vicky sweet, we know. How are you coping.'

'How do you think! I'm great been partying all night sinces his death!' The others looked at her tear stained face and sighed.

'We know how you feel. Don't take this out on us.' Victoria looked up towards Lousie. She smiled down at her.

'Come on, we'll get you cleaned up.'


'You should sell this car ya know. Since it's...'

'Don't.' Victoria drove on, Lousie and cole in the back seats and Gorgina in the front. Cole wasn't being helpful over the death and telling Victoria to sell Matthew's stuff. She looked ahead, holding the steering wheel for dear-life. She was in her black dress and heels for the funeral. Cole leaned forward and put his hand on Victoria's shoulder.

'I'm only trying to help.'

'Well, you're not succeding Cole. Don't make it worse.' Gorgina said turning around and glaring at him. Cole leant back, and he slid down his seat. Gorgina smiled and turned back round. There was silence until the graveyard gates.

'Be prepared for anything okay?' said Lousie to Victoria.

'Okay, but I'm scared. I'm gonna have to face his parents.' They looked at her face.

'Well, we can't help anymore. Sorry. Good luck.' Sid Cole jumping out the car and walking down the path. The others got out the car and parted. Victoria spotted her parents and burst into tears. Maddie saw her and rushed to her.

'Oh Vicky sis. You're a mess. I'm here.' Maddie patted her shoulder being as sympathic as she could. Suddenly, Maddie went stiff, that Victoria looked up.

'Victoria sweetheart, how are you?' Victoria turned and saw Matthew's parents.

'Not great after, you know.'

'Yes we do. Can I have a word with you?' Mrs. Tompson asked touching her arm, her blue eyes tearing. Victoria nodded and they walked off.

'Before the funeral starts, I wanted to tell you that we adored you and couldn't wait for you to be apart of our family.'

'But how...'

'Matthew always kept in touch with us. We thought you knew.'


'Well, anyway, I hope everything between us becomes neutral.' Victoria nodded again.

'Mrs. Tompson...'

'Nickiy if you please.'

'Nickiy, why did you have an argument with your son and tried to separte us?' Nickiy thought for a moment looking away from Victoria. She turned back, tears forming in her eyes again.

'Because, I never wanted to lose my son. But we did because her loved you and would do anything for you. But destiny took it's path.'

'But the future isn't written. We create our paths, so our futures are unwritten.' Nickiy looked at Victoria.

'I guess you're right. Matthew's path just ended abit quick.' With that Nickiy started bawling, Victoria hugging her.

'Here, I'll take her.' A male voice said, behind them. Victoria turned and say a young male smiling at her. Nickiy shook her head and ran. Victoria and the male stared after her before she turned her head to his, which was still watching Nickiy. He had spikey black hair with red and blonde highlights. He had tattoos covering his left arm. A piecing was at the bridge of his nose, two silver balls sticking out the sides. Victoria looked at him, until he turned around his blue eyes shining in the sun.



'Jamie, Matthew's brother.'

'I didn't know he had a brother.'

'Never talked about me. Strange...' He smiled at Victoria.

'So, you're little miss Victoria, nineteen and was about to marry my Bro.' She nodded looking away.

'Never mind, can I catch up with you later after the funeral?'

'Yeah.' He smiled and waved over his shoulder, making Victoria's knees shake. She was in love... with Matthew's brother. 

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