Victoria and her boyfriend Matthew ran away from home at seventeen to live together, after finding out they couldn't be together. Two years later Victoria and Matthew live in a town, near their parents. When Matthew gets into a terrible accident and dies, Victoria meets his brother Jamie, and ends up in love with him. But a shocking discovery leads Victoria to find out who it belongs to. Matthew's or Jamie's?

(All towns in the story are made up. No-one lives in Tryon or Lynstock)


1. Matthew

Victoria's eyes opened, her brown eyes caught Matthew next to her. Victoria had long brown hair matching her eyes and a thin build. She was small and had very small feet. She smiled at the heavenly god next to her. His short jet black hair was beuatiful and he was quite thin. He was tall and had blue eyes. He had a tattoo with a heart saying "Victoria and Matthew" which he had ever since sixteen. Even though he was nineteen, he looked wo years older.

'Morning babe. Now, about last night...' He woke up and turned smiling at his lovely girlfriend.

'Nothing to say. Come on, up you've got work.'

And you.' Victoria picked up her pillow and hit his head as he laughed. He smiled at her goddess face before pulling her close and kissing her, making her glow inside with warmth. He pulled away out of breath a little before crawling out of bed to the shower. Victoria sat up looking across the room. She sighed when a photo of her family passed her eyes. They had ran away at seventeen when her and Matthew's parents had explianed that they weren't for each other making them angry and running to Tryon in Scotland. Her family lived in Lynstock which was the next town over. They kept in contact and got on well with Matthew. But Matthew's parents didn't really accept the relationship and never talked with their son. When the shower turned off, Victoria rushed to the door.

'Hurry up Matthew, you'll be late.'

'Don't worry Vic, we'll be fine.' He smiled at her, before shutting the door. One hour later, she opened the door and rushed to the kitchen.

'Bacon again?' Matthew turned to his girlfriend shaking his head.

'What, went veggie have ya?'

'No, it's just we've been eating it for a week now.'


'Well, we need more than bacon. Any eggs?' Matthew shaked his head.

'Cereal?' Another shake.

'What about... bread?'

'Yep, if you want jammy toast.' She smiled, got up and walked over to him.

'Stop being such a prick. Look, we can't eat bacon anymore okay? Well, for a while.'

'Bitch.' They laughed, making the house cheer up a little with the sound. They ate for ten minutes having a small conversation.

'Now, what time do I pick you up today Vic?'

'Same as usual. Twelve. Now, you better leave or you'll be late.' Victoria said, pushing her hand through his short spikey hair. He kneeled down, and put his hands into his pockets.

'I have a small question, Vic we've been together for four years now and I want to ask you the best question I will ever ask.' He pulled out a small box from one of his pockets, making Victoria smile.

'Will you, Victoria Bright, marry me?' Victoria gasped as Matthew pulled opened the box and revealed a ring, with a beautiful diamond staring into her face.

'Matthew Tompson... I will.'


Voctoria was telling everyone. She dialled another number and pressed call.


'Maddie, hi how are you?'

'Vic! No time no speak! Fine you?'

'Well... Matthew went and asked me to marry him.'

'Fucking hell, when?'

'Morning. We're having a party if you want to come. Bring mum and dad okay?'

'Yeah, fucking hell this is great. Though you're getting married before your older sister. That bastard I'm with won't propose as he says it's to early. It' been fucking nine years!!!!! God, I'll see you tonight sis.'

'Right bye.' Victoria said laughing down the phone. She put the phone back into the holder and turning th TV on. At twelve, Matthew pulled into the driveway and beeped the horn.

'Come on Vic! You're gonna be late!' She smiled as she closed the door and wondered to the car, sitting in the passenger seat and putting the seat belt on. She leaned to Matthew and kissed his cheek.

'Now now, loving over.' He said making Victoria smile. The travelled towards the buildings over the bridge Newporth, before getting to Victoria's building.

'Bye Matthew, pick me up at five and we'll go to the supermarket, right?'

'Okay, got it. Love you.'

'Love you too.' Victoria shut the door and waved as Matthew drove off.


'Next time' Maddie stuttered.

'Br-bring more booze.' The party had just finshed and everyonne was leaving as it was three in the morning. Victoria had bought alcohol at the supermarket, but she never knew everyone was gonna bring drinks themselves, so it ended up everyone getting drunk and a few fights happening. Luckly when Victoria's parents announced the time, everyome was drunk and tired.

'I think everyone is drunk enough.' Victoria said, giving her sister a hug.

'Bye, sis.'

'Bye Maddie.' Victoria said as Maddie stumbled up the path and down the road to her car. Victoria shut the door and walked to the living room where Matthew was cleaning up some bottles.

'Leave it until tomorrow. Just come up to bed. It's late.' Matthew smiled at her, standing.

'Okay, I will.' He said as he walked to her and hugged her. Victoria smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck. Matthew then lifted Victoria up and carried her, as she laughed. He ran upstairs and threw her onto the bed. He shut the door, climbed onto the bed next to her and started to kiss her.


'Okay, the next party will be alcohol-free.' Matthew muttered, cuddling into Victoria as she placed her head into his neck. Both of them had a headache and called into work saying they were sick and weren't going to make it. Matthew left for the shower, as Victoria went downstairs and got tablets out for them. Last night after the party was a blur, although she remembered Matthew lifting her up and going upstairs. Then it blurred. Victoria swallowed the tablets, before two arms snaked around her waist. She smied and turned, Matthew hugging her closer. They stood like that for five minutes, listening to each others heartbeats. Matthew, pulled away and kissed her cheek.

'Look, I'm gonna go get milk okay?' Victoria nodded, unwrapping herself from his warm body. He walked upstairs whilest Victoria went to the living room. He came down and grabbed the keys from the coffee table.

'Don't be too long.' Victoria said smiling.

'I won't.' He said, kissing her lips, before leaving. Victoria sat and watch the morning news. Half an hour later she got dressed. Another half hour and Matthew still wasn't back. Victoria started to worry, before a knock came at the door. She opened it and looked out. Two police officers, a woman and a man, where standing.

'Are you Miss Victoria Bright?' Victoria nodded.

'I am Officer Mills and this is Officer Jenkins. We have some terrible news. Your fiance Matthew Tompson has been in a car crash.'

'Is he okay?!' Victoria cried, tears forming in her eyes.

'Afraid not miss. He died.'

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