Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly. Fly to a far away world and never come back. Emily did. Her life was at rock bottom and was never going to be picked back up again. Until she met someone. Someone who would change her life forever. When she finds who and what he his her life is fine. Until the pain kicks in and changes her too...


11. Till death do us part

I have felt eyes on me for over the past few days. I can feel the army threatening me even though they can see me, but I can't see them. I realise that I have been out here for nearly three days, I have to go back. I jump to my feet and run. I run in to hikers, fishermen, council estates on the edge of the forest but they don't bother me. I run. Just run. When I do this, I never look back.


I arrive just in time. There is a note on the door from Amy:


Meet us on the hill in the snow. The one were the legend was discovered. Hurry.



I run again, this time I am panicking. What happens if they have all been killed and they didn't tell me why they didn't come and find me? Did they just hope? Hope won't just get me there, only part of the way. I will never sit back and let the ones I love die. I will go and fight for them. I will fight for them. For Henry. I will never stop fighting for him. I repeat what I have said for days, TILL DEATH DO US PART! In the hope that I will get there in time.


They are standing there. Waiting for me. I am staying in the shadows. Listening, making the right time for an entrance. That time is nearly here.

"Well my friends, I have waited but you puny wolf girl is not here. Why is that?" said a man, I was guessing Ryan. he was small in stature but looked flexible. I bet I could tie him in a knot if I wanted.

"She will." Richard replied

They stood there, looking around. Looking for me. I moved to my family's side, Amy caught my eye. I chuffed a hello, low enough so that the others couldn't here. Amy looked in my direction, slowly as if not to make a scene. She nudged Victoria who repeated it with Jazz who slowly repeated it to all of them. Soon enough they all knew I was behind them. I stepped out in the shadow of them, still in my wolf form. They parted halfway in front of me when I was close enough. The army gasped, Ryan stood there fascinated. I looked straight behind him, Henry hung his head. I hoped it was for the decision he had made, I was going to kill him if I got close enough.  

"Well, this must be Emily. Hello." Ryan had said, to happily for me. I growled harshly at him. Jazz laughed under his breath. Ryan walked towards me, to protect my new family I walked half-way to meet him. He was a little taller than my 5 and a half ft size. He grabbed my muzzle and threw it on the floor, my shoulders bowed to him. He smiled, at last he had what he wanted. For someone to bow to him who was better than him. 

"See men. Even the most respected creature can bow even though others bow to it." He had said proudly.

I stood up and shook myself. I looked behind me and walked back to Gabrielle. With my path I drew a cross, a line with a dash on either side and the number 12. She under stood immediately

"Excuse me Ryan. May I speak to my son please? Emily wanted to say something but can't."

"You may. Henry."

They walked forward to meet. I took my place a few steps behind Gabrielle, ready to pounce if he was to hurt her. 

"Henry, Emily has missed you so. We have missed her." she looked behind to me.

"How do you mean? When I left she was with you."

"She was. When Ryan sent that letter, she fazed and ran off. Amy tried to stop her, but Richard thought better through his experiences. She wanted to tell you something but she couldn't faze back. She wants to protect her family, even you."

I drew the symbols in the sand again, he didn't understand them. 

"They mean 'Till death do us part'." Gabrielle had easily said. She waited for me but left. 

"Emily. I can't stand you being like this. Faze so you can reply." he said pleading.

I ran in to the woods and fazed. A whine came through my lips. I came back out, he was there with a smile on his face. He was happy to see me like this, not like the others. 

"Henry." I ran up to him. I stood under him and didn't move, I just smiled, "I have something for you. Lean down and close your eyes." he did as I said. I threw a massive punch to his face, my nails cut his skin. When he opened his eyes, I had already fazed back. Angry, he lifted his hand to me. I prepared myself for impact, but there was nothing. All there was, were two massive arms wrapped around my neck. I rested my head on his shoulder in the warm hugs I had missed from him. This wasn't what I thought, he had picked me up and was carrying me; laughing. 

"People like you don't get let off that easily." he had cackled. His arms lifted me high in to the air and he threw me. My body smacked in to a tree. I howled in pain. The howl turned in to a chorus. Soon enough a pack of eleven had turned up on the battle field, protecting me and everyone I loved. Ready to fight. Till death do us part.

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