Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly. Fly to a far away world and never come back. Emily did. Her life was at rock bottom and was never going to be picked back up again. Until she met someone. Someone who would change her life forever. When she finds who and what he his her life is fine. Until the pain kicks in and changes her too...


9. Legend

I was kept in the dark. In the day it wasn't so bad but at night, I was lucky if I got the saps of the rays hit my fur. It was a week that I was stuck down here, only Amy was talking to me. They had told my aunt that I was with them for a 2 week or longer camping trip, how fun on this trip. I was stuck in this body, with no-one to talk to. 

The next night, someone turned the light on. It wasn't Jazz or Victoria, it was Henry. His arm was wrapped in a tight bandage from where I had clawed him, blood could be seen with the new eyes that I had. Everything was sharper and clearer. This was it, was Henry going to talk to me or not? There was something inside me that I felt flip, like I was changing. This kept going as I looked at him, I felt smaller and colder. Again smaller and cooler. It was so cold that I let out a whimper. When he spoke, I felt like a mouse.

"Emily, how did you do that. When I change back, it makes me scream that scares the living day lights out of Richard." he stood there, in the same expression that he had when I had cut him up. I hadn't just done that, I had cut up his trust for me. He ran back up the stairs while I walked back to the water dish on the floor. I was back to my normal self. No-one came down until I came up with clothes on, but I had even surprised myself. How much focus had I put in to seeing him again that when I did, I changed back. They were all smiling at me, I guessed they weren't really happy to see me after what I had done but I took it in. Richard was the first to come up to me, like always, but he took my hand and lead me into his study. It was filled to the ceiling with ancient texts. One was laid open on his desk. At a not so used aged, like someone had new about it and occasionally looked back at it but mostly skipped it by 200 pages or so. The headline was in bold and in a font that scared me deep down, I thought that might be what it was supposed to do to you. 

Ancient Bloodlines:

There is one type of shape shifter that is thought to be extinct but can sometimes come back, hypothaticles. These are a type of shape shifter that with both parents not being a changer are carrying the bloodline. The parents both have a fragment of the blood which does not affect them. When these people reproduce together, the child has the full amount of the shape shifter blood and DNA which means that when they turn in to their late teens and early twenties they shall change. In some cases they can faze, as it is known, as early as 10 and also as late as 35.

"That's you." Richard had said, strangely it sounded as though he was proud. Probably because that he had practically discovered me.

"Wow." I had simply said, no-one had thought about Henry. I knew he wouldn't be happy with all of this. 

"HOW DO YOU THINK THIS IS COOL? This is just like a freak show. We aren't all there. We can loose it at any second and we just manage to do it. I hate this." he had screamed down at me. I was drawn aback by his re-action but felt no hurt inside because I was exactly like him. A freak. I was snapped out of thought when there was a scream outside and a green dragon flew up into the sky. My eyes longed after it. Wanting it to come back to me

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