Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly. Fly to a far away world and never come back. Emily did. Her life was at rock bottom and was never going to be picked back up again. Until she met someone. Someone who would change her life forever. When she finds who and what he his her life is fine. Until the pain kicks in and changes her too...


5. Late night visitor

Tap, tap, tap

My eyes shot open. I had found my self curled in the tightest ball possible. The duvet was so high that all you could see was my eyes and the top of my head. My messy brunet hair was tangled in to painful nots. The dream I had, had been rather weird. The tapping continued keeping a steady rhythm. Then all of a sudden. Silence. The tapping had gone as fast as it had appeared. I went still as a statue. Looking intensely through the window the seconds that slowly passed seemed like hours. The 'hours' had passed too slowly for my liking. It was then that I wanted to turn over and go to sleep when something had caught my eye. A flame was burning brightly outside. It was rather comforting to see this, to know that something else was burning like my soul and pride. The flame kept burning. It looked like a message which was written on paper.

Please open the window? What does...” I was stopped by a pair of green emerald eyes wishing in to me. In myself I felt different with his eyes watching me, like all of my secrets were being revealed. I ran to the window and pushed it as hard as I could because even though I felt I loved him, I wanted him to know I hadn’t forgiven him just yet. As I stepped back to sit on my bed, he glided through like a paper airplane.

“Are you ok? What happened at school hurt but it was mostly scary. What had made you snap like that may I ask?” He said concern was deep and careful in his voice.

“You.” Was all I said to him, this sent in to shock and shivers in to him of cold ice. “You know, ever since I came here I dreaded coming to the school. When I saw you I thought you were laughing at me, and when you left that proved my suspicions. When you came back that made the tear you made worse because it felt fake it was the same when you s-stayed with me.” I started to sob by this point, “And now you have the guts to come here in my room and make that tear full. Showing me which way to go. To go away from here and back with my parents who don’t care a smidge about me!”

I turned to shove him out the window, but decided better and to go and bury myself under the covers. I felt him sit on my bed, and rub my back. Trying to comfort me but failing. He sighed and pulled something out of his jacket, I think, and place it in my hands under the covers. The weight where he had been sitting lifted and the slam of the window shutting was all I heard of him leaving. I pulled my hands and head out of the stuffy hot bed. He had slid an envelope in to my hand, it was addressed with his very beautiful handwriting: Miss Emily Rancher

Dearest Emily,

I am truly sorry if what I did hurt you today. In a way of apologies I hereby invite you to my house with my family tomorrow night. I will be here at 6pm exactly to pick you up. I feel something inside myself that I have never felt before in any girl in school or in the entire country and world that i have been to. That is a big amount of woman and never have I felt anything for them like I do for you. Please may you accept my invitation?



I clutched this to my chest, unwilling to let go. I turned over and went in to a more peaceful deep sleep. He was in my dreams and the idea of tomorrow still lingered there.

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