Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly. Fly to a far away world and never come back. Emily did. Her life was at rock bottom and was never going to be picked back up again. Until she met someone. Someone who would change her life forever. When she finds who and what he his her life is fine. Until the pain kicks in and changes her too...


13. Hurry

With Henry back my life is complete. I have moved out of my aunt's house and now live in Alaska. Just me and him. we have been living here for three months and it was a surprise when we found out that all of my other family came to live up here with us too. They were only down the road which wasn't so good, Amy came up nearly everyday to pester us. Henry always left for me to be dragged through this horror. It is the best thing though, when he left a hole and been punched through me. When he came back the hole had been filled. Leaving only scars.


The snow was falling. It had been stormy last night so it was deep and sparkling in the early morning sun. I had woken strangely early, something must have woken me. I went and turned on our massive TV and put on the cooking channel. I needed to improve apparently. I had been up for half an hour when something had caught my eye. It was massive and was the colour of an eclipse. It stood there, watching the very movement I made. I felt it brining my very soul into it's paws. Henry came down, concerned why I had gotten up so early. He turned himself to the very direction that I was facing. Fear and anger ripped the kindness off his face. He grabbed the phone off the table and dialled someone's number.

"Richard, they've found us."he had said quickly down the phone, "It's that brute though." he had stopped and waited for a reply. when he had it he slammed his phone shut and ran upstairs with suitcases in his hand, no explanation to me. I heard  a car pull up on the drive way. Richard and Gabrielle struggled through the door with boxes and suitcases.

"What's going on?" I had asked, panic was distant in my voice.

"Emily, that big black brute is our worse nightmare." Henry didn't stop whilst he said this to me, "They are coming back for you. To finish you off." 

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