Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly. Fly to a far away world and never come back. Emily did. Her life was at rock bottom and was never going to be picked back up again. Until she met someone. Someone who would change her life forever. When she finds who and what he his her life is fine. Until the pain kicks in and changes her too...


6. Dinner

I threw back a blue strap top from my wardrobe. I was hunting for a new top that I had bought and put somewhere in my mess of a room. After I had gone rummaging through my whole wardrobe and couldn't find it, I had decided to wear a plain black blouse, black jeans and a pair of black riding type boots. You would think I was going to a funeral. I grabbed my bag and rushed down stairs, my aunt stood at the foot of the stairs holding three different bags with a designer logo on each.

"I wanted you to look special on your date." she said as she passed me the first bag. Inside was an Abercrombie & Fitch polo in a deep navy with the bright pink moose over the right side. The moose was about the size of a pin in width. When I had put it behind me on the kitchen table she handed me another bag. Another one from Abercrombie & Fitch. A flowing mini skirt in the same colour, the thin belt hung loosely and pathetically in a neat bow. As I laid that on top op the polo shirt she passed me the final bag I gave her a look that I rarely used. She passed it off with the wave of a hand. Inside was a pair of black Vans just in my size. I laid them slowly with the other stuff and ran over to her a clamped her in to a suffocating hug.

"How did you know? And you didn't have to do this, I would of had something nicer if I could find the other polo shirt. Have you seen it?"

"What, the one on the branch outside?" she pointed out the kitchen window. When there it was, Henry must have took it and dropped it out the window. I realised that it wasn't the only thing he had took. A sapphire necklace had also gone from my table top. 

"Yeah, I was looking for that one."

"And don't leave out lovey-dovey invitations for the world to read. It reminded me of my first date. Tim had done the same, before I let him down. I stamped on his foot really hard when I was at school. His voice was so magical."

A sense of da-ja-vu came across me, I hope it wasn't going to be like that. Before she looked away from the window I was up the stairs in a flash and getting changed. Before I had even tried the new shoes a toot came from outside. It was accompanied by the door opening of the house, Debra seeing him and them coming in the house. How could it get any more worse than this? I hurried down the stairs and grabbed Henry's wrist. We ran to the car before my aunt could squeeze in another word. When we got to his car, he stood there just gawking at me. I opened the passenger door and breezed in. It had a lot more space than mine. 

"What were you staring at out there?" I asked him when we were driving through the forest roads

"You. You are... Erm stunning." was all he managed to say.

We drove in silence, only occasionally looking and smiling throughout the drive. When we pulled up to his house, I was amazed. It was tall and very open. The walls were mostly glass but what wasn't covered in glass was wood panels layered upon each other. I could hear the TV blasting through the thin glass, they liked their music. We entered slowly, I was absorbing the beautiful building. I didn't know that you could get something as magical as this in the real world. What I had heard wasn't music, it was a cooking channel. Italian, spaghetti, mince. Spaghetti Ragu my favourite. This sent a shiver down my spine. It wasn't because I was cold, it was that how did he know my favourite meal? I pushed that thought away and continued up the stairs towards the kitchen. The sound of knives cutting and the sizzling of cooking meat hit me and warmed me so that I was mouth watering and drooling, my worst nightmare. To be in front of a boy who I liked more than I realised and to be making a fool of myself. Emily, the queen of the idiots. As we rounded the corner of the landing, I could just see the glimmer of cutlery on the dining table, they were as posh as I had guessed. I never sat at the table back at my aunts, I did occasionally when I lived with my mother but I mostly didn't. The whole family was there, two adults and 5 other older teenagers sitting at the table on their phones. As we came in to full view their heads snapped up like I had rung a dinner bell. Their expressions relaxed and then let a large smiles spread through their beauty. The father, I'm guessing, placed his knife down carefully as if it would break the whole room and came to greet and introduce every one because he knew Henry wouldn't.

"Emily, how nice it is to finally meet you in the flesh. Ever since you came here we couldn't get a minutes peace through Henry talking abut you. His description was nearly perfect apart from that I had imagined you with deep sapphire eyes rather than the sky blue that you are. Either way you are beautiful. I am Richard, Richard Banks. This is my wife and Henry's mother Gabrielle, and these are Henry's brothers and sisters: Amy, Rose, Jazz, Edward and Victoria." He had said with eagerness that scared me a little. Amy was small, but pirky. Her hair was cut short and jagged. Rose was tall, taller than Henry who was about 6ft. Her black hair had no fringe but went down to her shoulders. It was as straight as piece of paper. Edward was magnificent. It was like he was the alpha male of a pride. He had hair to tone of a raspberry, deep red, and was put in to a large spike at the front which flowed through to the base of his skull. Jazz had hair which was like Amy's. It was like it was glued to the shape of his head it was a deep brunet. Victoria had what I thought fire for where her hair was. Her eyes matched with a unusual scariness. They were as black as night, it was like they were holding something secret. That she didn't want me to know. We sat down at the table and began to eat. I had a feeling that this family was different, I just didn't know how.  

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