Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly. Fly to a far away world and never come back. Emily did. Her life was at rock bottom and was never going to be picked back up again. Until she met someone. Someone who would change her life forever. When she finds who and what he his her life is fine. Until the pain kicks in and changes her too...


8. Changing

I screamed in pain. I didn't know what was happening. There was no blood, there was no weapon. something inside me was making me do this. Like something was ripping through me and wanting to get out. I was alone. Trapped on the floor in the woods, not able to move or run for help. No one could care for me, all I hoped was that no one could her me. What was I saying there was one family that would be straight here like I was calling them with a loud speaker. Henry's. They might know what was happening to me, I hope. There was another rip, right through my core and soon after tears started to flow and stain my cheeks. Then behind me there was a roar and a glint of hot fire, and then there he was in all of his beautiful self. My Henry. I wanted to stop screaming in to his ears and face but the pain was so immeasurable. He picked my up and ran to his house, I wanted to ride on a dragon while I was like this but sadly I felt no scales under my writhing body. We were there sooner than I thought, but we hadn't  come through the front door. The window had been shattered by us and had left a gaping and jagged gap in the place that used to be whole. I drifted out and in to conciousness. I heard parts of conversations that were about me and what was happening. 

"This can't be, can't it stop?" Henry had angrily said. A snarl had ripped through him and came out in a scary way.

"I have to take blood to see, but this could actually be happening. This might be because of the legend." Richard calmly. There was no rush in his tone that made me think that he was grabbing stuff and sticking them in to me. How did he have all this though? He wasn't a doctor, unless this had happened to someone else too. That thought was ripped out of me when I had screamed causing the glass to break even more. It was then that I blacked out.


I woke with a pulsing headache. I shook my head and stood up, something shook the ground as I stood up. It was black, I couldn't see a thing. I felt the coolness of the ground more than what I used to. The light flicked on, footsteps soon followed. It was Henry. he was more cautious around me than usual. 

"Emily? Are you ok? Do you know what happened?" he had asked calmly as if not to spook a horse or wild animal

 I tried to speak, nothing came. I tried again but still nothing. Henry pointed to the glass, I looked. What was looking at me stopped me in a way I could of thought possible. My reflection was of a wolf. A wild eyed and angry wolf. Standing in a cage like a zoo animal. I stood there and waited. I turned my head to Henry and bolted at him. Wild and angry growls and barks came out of my muzzle. I hit the cage bars and caught Henry with my paw. He stood there watching me his arm oozing thick, ruby blood. Stunned.

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