Foot Prints In The Sand

What do you do when you visit the one you love, only to find they have a huge secret they’re keeping from you?

What do you do when you don’t know what to do, or how to deal with it?

Secrets. Lies. Relationship Troubles. Toddlers.

“You walked with me footprints in the sand

and helped me understand where I'm going.

I promise you I'm always there

when your heart is filled with sorrow and despair.”

“I ended our relationship, not my feelings for you.” I uttered into his ear.

“There’s always gonna be a place in my heart for you, and you know that, but we need to move on now,” he said, smiling, as he pulled away from the hug and went to board his plane.

He left for a brand new life in Atlanta, leaving her with a broken heart and an empty house to return to.

You’ll find my Footprints in the Sand…


2. Secrets


*Alisa POV*

I sighed as I was enveloped in Justin’s arms. He smells so good. I close my eyes and commit his scent to memory.

Then I remember: he isn’t mine anymore.

I sigh and pull away from the hug. There are so many things I want to tell him, but I can’t. It’s way too complicated.

We sit and talk for a while, until finally someone knocks on the door. I get up and open it, revealing my babysitter, Marie, smiling at me, holding a three year old little girl.

“Hey!” I say, and motion for her to not say anything about Isabella.

“Hi, here she is.” She says, understanding what I was motioning for her not to say.

“Thanks. Hi Bella!” I say, and she giggles and waves at me. “I’ll bring her to you tomorrow, okay? I have work in the morning.” I tell Marie, who nods and starts walking to her car. I face my Bella. “There’s someone here I’d like you to meet. This is Justin. Say ‘Hi Justin’.”

She gives a little wave. “Hi, Ju-tin.” Justin laughs and shakes Bella’s hand.

“Hi Bella. How are you?”

“I goo’ an’ you?” she asks intelligently. Justin and I both laugh and I give Bella a kiss on her cheek. c

“Did you have a good day today, Bella?” I ask her, and she nods excitedly.

“Yeah! Mawie got aye puppy!” she says excitedly, and I laugh as we all walk to the living room, Bella in my arms.

“She did? What’s the puppy’s name?” I ask, sitting her down on the couch next to me. Justin sits on the other side of her, smiling. He always had loved small children.

“Pwincess!” she shrieks in excitement, and I smile down at her as she stands up and starts jumping up and down in upmost excitement. She starts telling Justin and I about her day with the babysitter, how they went to the park,  what they ate for lunch, and a very detailed description of how the puppy pooped in its cage.

“Hey, are you gonna stay the night tonight?” I ask Justin when Bella is busy watching PBS Kids. He’s staring at Bella, his eyebrows furrowed in concentration.

Finally, he looks at me. “Huh? Yeah, sure.” He says, and I laugh.

“Don’t think too hard, there Bieber. You might hurt yourself.” I say, and he cracks a smile. I couldn’t help but to lay my head on his shoulder and close my eyes, and he responded with wrapping an arm around my shoulders.

“Hey, come on kid, let’s get you ready for bed.” I say to Bella, and she stands up and pulls me to the bathroom.

While I'm washing the soap from her hair, I tell her, “Bella, Justin’s going to be visiting for a while, and when he’s here, you can’tcall me mommy, okay?” she looks at me in confusion.

“But you are my mommy.” She says, as if it’s the most obvious thing in the world, and I smile.

“I know I'm your mommy, but Justin doesn’t know that, so we have to keep it our little secret, okay? You call me Alison.” I reply, and she looks into space in deep thought.

“Awison.” She says, and we both laugh. “Otay, Awison.” I give her a kiss on the cheek and shut the water off, wrap her in her towel, and help her dress in her Hello Kitty nightgown.

We go back into the living room, and I have her brush and a few hairties in my hands. “Come here, little one. Sit down.”

She sits down in front of me, and I start brushing her hair out. Justin is watching us intensly, as I finish brushing her hair out and start braiding her long dirty blonde curly hair.

“All right, kiddo. Say good night to Justin.” I say, and she stands up to give Justin a hug.

“Good night Justin.” She says, then gives me a hug. “Good night, Awison.” She gives me a hug, then giggles. I walk with her to her room and tuck her in.

“Good night, baby girl. I love you.” I give her a kiss and plug her night-light in before walking out of the room and closing the door all but a crack.

I walk back into the living room, where Justin had changed it to MTV, and Ridiculousness was playing.

“Oh, Justin, by all means, make yourself at home.” I say sarcastically, and he chuckles. He looks at me and I smile back at him, many different emotions running through me.

“Come here.” He murmurs, and I walk over to in front of the couch where he was laying and sat next to him. “I’ve missed you so much, Alison, you have no idea.”

I laid my head on his chest and straightened my legs out next to him. He wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me closer to him.

“I’ve missed you too, Justin. But you know things have changed.” I say, and he nods.

“Can we just stay in this moment forever? We don’t have to worry about anything right there?” he asks, his voice muffled by my hair.

“Mm-hm.” I say, and close my eyes. He starts petting my hair back, and I sigh. “Is it just me, or is this a major déjà vu moment?” I ask, and he chuckles.

“It’ a major déjà vu moment.” He replies, and smiles down at me. “But I love it.”

“Me too.” I say, and he chuckles.

Suddenly, we hear Bella scream, “Mommy!” and I naturally get up to run to her room.

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