Foot Prints In The Sand

What do you do when you visit the one you love, only to find they have a huge secret they’re keeping from you?

What do you do when you don’t know what to do, or how to deal with it?

Secrets. Lies. Relationship Troubles. Toddlers.

“You walked with me footprints in the sand

and helped me understand where I'm going.

I promise you I'm always there

when your heart is filled with sorrow and despair.”

“I ended our relationship, not my feelings for you.” I uttered into his ear.

“There’s always gonna be a place in my heart for you, and you know that, but we need to move on now,” he said, smiling, as he pulled away from the hug and went to board his plane.

He left for a brand new life in Atlanta, leaving her with a broken heart and an empty house to return to.

You’ll find my Footprints in the Sand…


3. Chapter Three: Just Like Old Times


After I sort Bella out, I make my way back down to the living room to find Justin standing up and staring at the framed picture of Bella and I.

            “Hey,” I call, my voice shaking, hoping he would turn around but he doesn’t. he stands there staring. “Justin?” I questioned as I walked toward him.

            “Tell me something.” His voice quivers as he turns to look at me, his face is paler than white and he looks like he was going to pass out.

            “What?” I question, my voice still shaking with nerves.

            “Is Bella your daughter?” he asks, grabbing hold of my arms.

            “No, why?” I laugh, hoping he’d fall for it, but he doesn’t.

            “Seriously, Alisa, I'm not joking, I need to know.” His face grows more serious, and I sigh.

            “No, she isn’t Justin.. I'm babysitting her for a friend for a while, so that she can move into her new home.” I stutter, hoping he’d buy this utter crap I was telling him.

            “So why did she call you Mommy?” he questions, his face more relaxed now.

            “Oh, you know how kids are.. they get frightened and they shout for their mommy’s.” I say, relaxing a little bit more as I sit beside him on the sofa.

            “I'm sorry.” He says, pulling me into a hug.

            “What for?” I question while my body was mashed up against his.

            “Being a jerk and asking you about Bella…it’s just you have no idea what this would do to my career.” He says, smiling while switching the channels.

            “What would ruin your career?” I ask, my voice cracking once again.

            “Well… being a dad.” He answers, smiling.

            “Ummm, Justin what makes you think even if she was mine that you’d be the dad?” I ask, screwing up my face.

            “Well, we did have sex.” He answers.

            After a while I’d totally forgotten about it all and was laid comfortably in Justin’s arms, singing all the songs that came on and just having fun.

            “Can I ask you a question, Justin?” I say, lifting my head from his chest.

            “Sure.” He says, looking down at me.

            “Why did you come back here, and not Ryan’s or Chaz’s?” I ask, sitting up.

            “I wanted to see you again.. I’ve missed you.” He says, hugging me tightly.

            “Don’t bullshit me… why Bieber?” I question, wanting the truth this time.

            “Fine… we kinda broke up because, well… things got hard but I mean we’ll get back together,” he says, squinting from the light.

            “And you think coming back to your ex’s is a good idea.” I say skeptically.

            “Not my idea, my mom’s.” he adds, smiling. “Where’s your bathroom?”

            “Upstairs, first door on your right.” I croak out. “Wait, before you go, do you want a beer? I have some in the fridge.” I ask as I stand up “

            Yeah go on then’’ he says before he totally disappears upstairs.

            I sigh as I brush hair behind my ears and walk into the kitchen to get our beers. ‘’Justin’’ I shout from the kitchen ‘’Yeah’’ he calls from upstairs ‘’I told a fib.. I don’t have any booze I must have drunk it all’’ I laugh


‘’Well what we gonna do’’ he questions as he walks downstairs


‘’I’ll go to the shop but it means you’d have to stay here with Bella.’’ I say smiling


‘’You cant leave me alone with some strangers kid’’ he moans as he follows me to the front door


‘’You’ll be fine.. she’s fast asleep’’ I said opening the door I didn’t really give him a choice in the matter because before he could say yes or no the front door had been shut it his face.  


Justins POV.

            So Alisa had left me with some strangers child and with nothing to do... Yeap she definitely hasn’t changed since I’d dated her.


I was just strolling around her kitchen when I heard a sharp cry from upstairs


‘’Great.’’ I tut to myself as I run upstairs to Bella. ‘’Bella’’ I call, not knowing which room she was in


’In hwere’’ she cries as I walk up and down the landing.


I smile as I push open her bedroom door to find her stood up in her cot with her arms holding out for me


‘’Hey Princess’’ I said smiling while I scoop her up in my arms.


‘’I want my mommy’’ she calls as I cuddle her


‘’I don’t know where your mommy is me and Alisa are just looking after you for your mum’’ I say as I walked downstairs with her.


‘’Wheres my mommy’’ She asks looking at me


‘’I don’t know sweetheart’’ I say placing her on the sofa while I text Alisa.


Hey Alisa its Me.. Umm Bella’s woke up and wants to know where her mommy is .. what should I  tell her or what should I do with her I told you leaving me with somebody’s child was a bad idea oh and hurry up and get back home.

Alisa’s POV.


            I’m on the way back home when my phone goes off and nearly causes me to crash ‘’Fucking Hell’’ I scream in frustration as I pull over to check my phone. I look in shock as it says

1 New Message From Justin.

Hey Alisa its Me.. Umm Bella’s woke up and wants to know where her mommy is .. what should I  tell her or what should I do with her I told you leaving me with somebody’s child was a bad idea oh and hurry up and get back home.


            My heart races as I throw my phone down onto the passenger seat and race to get home causing me to nearly crash another 6 times but I don’t care I need to get home and hope and pray that Bella hadn’t told Justin because well that’s all I need right now to be one the front pages of Magazine’s with headings like


-I had Justins Biebers Baby.

-I am a Bieber Mommy

-My Baby’s Father is Justin Bieber

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